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Glass Vaporizer Parts

Most "true vaporization" connoisseurs will agree that glass is one of the best materials for extracting the purest flavor, aroma, and active compounds from vaping materials. Glass is inert--it does not react chemically to heat--so it doesn't rub off on your vapor. Whereas vapes that utilize plastics or metals may leave a slightly plastic-like or metallic taste in one's mouth, vaporizers with glass-on-glass vapor paths are generally thought to deliver vapor as its meant to taste. Besides buying vaporizers that incorporate glass parts internally, you can purchase glass attachments such as mouthpieces, whips and globes separately.

Glass Vaporizers Deliver Purer Vapor

Glass vaporizer accessories fall into four categories: Mouthpiece, whip, nail, and globe. Most of these parts are designed for specific vaporizers. Fans of true vaporization invest in glass vaporizer parts to ensure their vapor production is as pure as possible.