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  • This Grinder Watch is perfect for anyone that wants to grind their herbs with maximum stealth and portability. Not only is it capable of grinding your favorite herbs, but this item also serves as a fully functioning watch! With the Grinder Watch, you can keep track of time and grind yours herbs while on the go. It's perfect for any vaporist on the go.

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  • The Rocket Grinder is a compact, multi-functional accessory with a built-in keychain making it easy to take anywhere. This innovative design combines a grinder, storage container and one-hitter into a single product. Constructed from stainless steel and leather, the Rocket Grinder it is as elegant as it is practical.
    • Magnetic Connection
    • Funnel Design
    • Built-in Keychain

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Grinders for Dry Herb

Herb grinders are an essential tool for vaporization. In the vaping world, surface area is everything. The more surface area your herbs have, the more thoroughly they'll be vaporized in the heating chamber. Vaporizers vape herb either directly (by conduction) or by sending hot air through the heating chamber (by convention). With either vaporizer heating method, even vaporization is necessary to optimize vapor purity, potency, and smoothness. An herb grinder is the key to good vaping.

Our selection of other vaporizers includes the Grinder Watch, a two-piece herb grinder which doubles as a time piece. Especially useful for those who favor discreet vaping on-the-go, the Grinder Watch is the herb grinder James Bond would don. Also in the inventory is our very own custom grinder. This credit-card-sized grater fits conveniently in your wallet or pocket so those who vape dry herb can prepare their bowls on-the-fly.

The right herb grinder is a valuable addition to your vape kit. They break buds down to make them easier to vape, and produce fine, powder-like kief that can add more potency to your bowl loads or be used in edibles. With a grinder for herb, you'll save money by reducing waste, and enjoy purer, tastier, and fuller hits from your vaporizer.