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  • The KandyPens RUBI Pod is a refillable eliquid cartridge designed for use with the KandyPens RUBI vaporizer. It is one of the only refillable pod cartridges in the industry, and is compatible with both eliquid and oils.
    • Refillable Pod
    • Leak-Proof
    • No Spit-Back

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  • The Flat Tip Oil Cartridge is a simple and solid refillable vape cartridge holding .8ml of wax concentrate oil. Compatible with any 510-threaded vape battery, the Flat Tip Oil Cartridge is ideal for replacing vape cartridges on a budget. Simply screw in the Flat Tip Oil Cartridge and start vaping. The Flat Tip Oil Cartridge is an oil tank that promotes efficient vaporization through wicking technology. An advanced airflow system delivers smooth, flavorful clouds of vapor. The flat mouthpiece has medium resistance for moderate hits, and acts as a grip for removing or inserting the Flat Tip Vape Cartridge. Refilling the Flat Tip Oil Cartridge is easy, making it ideal for portable vaporization.
    • Refillable
    • Flat Mouthpiece
    • Transparent

    Special Price $2.99

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  • This replacement oil cartridge is compatible with the iMini vaporizer as well as most 510-threaded batteries.
    • High-Grade Glass
    • Refillable 5ml Tank
    • Universal 510-Threading

    Special Price $8.99

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  • This is a replacement herbal tank for the G Slim Vaporizer, made specifically for dry material.
    • For Dry Blends
    • Atomizer Included

    Special Price $9.95

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  • For ejuice vaping on-the-go, the 1100mAh EVOD Twist VV Variable Voltage Battery offers better than average battery power, simple operation, and universal compatibility. Compatible with 510-threaded attachments, the EVOD Twist VV lets you power up your favorite tanks with long-lasting battery life. EVOD Twist VV batteries allow you to choose between 3.2 and 4.8 volts. The 1100mAh EVOD Twist VV is slender and easy to conceal outdoors. Power the EVOD Twist VV Battery on or off with five clicks. Overcharge protection keeps the EVOD Twist VV from overheating while it charges. The 1100mAh EVOD Twist Variable Voltage Battery is ideal for eliquid vaping on-the-go.
    • 1100mAh
    • 510 Threaded
    • Multiple Colors

    Special Price $26.99

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  • This is the replacement coil for the KandyPens K-Stick Supreme vaporizer for wax concentrates.
    • Quartz Heating Rod
    • Quartz Crystal Chamber
    • Titanium Coil

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  • These new Dosing Capsules from Storz & Bickel can be prefilled for quick, easy, and convenient transporting and loading of the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers, as well as Plenty and Volcano models when used in combination with the new Easy Valve and Plenty Chamber Reducers.
    • 40-Pack
    • Prefill Capsules for Quick Loading
    • Compatible w/ All Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

    Special Price $13.90

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  • The KandyPens Feather Pod is a 2ml refillable tank meant for use with the KandyPens Feather ecig vaporizer. Handmade using high grade materials, the Feather Pod is air activated so no controls are needed when taking hits. Specifically designed for Nicotine Salts, the KandyPens Feather refills through a small hole on the side of the tank, which plugs using the included rubber cap piece. Developed and Designed in the USA, the KandyPens Feather Pod offers the utmost in vapor quality with a rapid, auto-draw heating system.
    • Designed for Nic Salts
    • Air Activated
    • 2ML Refillable Tank

    Special Price $4.95

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  • The Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery is compatible with 510-threaded oil cartridges, allowing you to vape liquid concentrates on-the-go. With a simple single-button control, the Auto Draw Variable Voltage Battery features four voltage settings, and a unique pre-heat setting that preps the vape for thicker oils. Five clicks powers the Auto Draw Vape Battery on, three clicks toggles voltage, and two clicks initiates the pre-heat setting. This unit comes with a charger so you can power up from anywhere where a USB outlet is available. The USB charger attaches via 510-threading.
    • Variable Voltages
    • Pre-Heat Setting
    • Compact and Stealthy

    Special Price $19.99

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  • Designed for use with Arizer’s Extreme Q Vaporizer, the Extreme Balloon kit allows the user to enjoy vapor through a balloon bag attachment.
    • New Version

    Special Price $16.99

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  • This is a replacement mouthpiece for the Atmos Jump vaporizer.
    • Stainless Steel Screen
    • Guaranteed Fit
    • Allows Easy Access to Heating Chamber

    Special Price $8.95

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  • The PAX half pack oven lid reduces oven size approximately .1 grams, enabling you to firmly pack the chamber even when using a smaller amount of dry herb.
    • Compatible with PAX 2 & 3
    • Enables Firm Packing
    • High-Grade Metal

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  • This is a replacement housing for the Volcano Easy Valve Filling Chamber.

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  • The included 8 Dosing Capsules can be prefilled, stored and carried in the Magazine, and quickly inserted into the filling chamber of your vaporizer before a session with no mess or hassle.
    • Includes Storage Magazine
    • Prefill Capsules for Easy Loading
    • Compatible w/ All Storz & Bickel Vaporizers

    Special Price $6.90

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  • This 280mAh auto draw stylus battery is the perfect companion for your pre-filled CO2 oil tanks. The sleek design and stylus tip make it a discreet yet versatile option for daily use.
    • 510 Thread
    • 280mAh
    • Stylus Tip

    Special Price $12.99

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  • This brand new Volcano Easy Valve Balloon Adapter allows you to effortlessly change balloons for use with your Easy Valve Filling Chamber.
    • Food Grade Balloon Bag
    • Heat Resistant

    Special Price $10.90

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Find a Replacement Vaporizer Part

Maintaining your vaporizer is essential to its performance and longevity. Essential vape parts include heating chambers, atomizers, e-liquid tanks, vaporizer batteries, mouthpieces, and chargers. By replacing worn out or broken vape parts, you can get the most out of your vaporizer.

Modify Vaporizers with Vape Parts

Vape parts can also enhance what your vaporizer is capable of. Vape mods, for example, can be augmented with low-resistance sub-oHm atomizers to deliver powerful vapor production. Switching to a wider or narrower mouthpiece will dictate the strength of your hits. And a variety of atomizers cater to the types of vaping materials one vaporizes, as well as their preference for smoothness and flavor.