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PAX Parts

Pax vaporizers by Ploom are a lineup of portable vaporizers optimized for dry herb, which include the Pax 2 and Pax 3 vapes. These vaporizers feature conduction heating and a durable aluminum body. The simplicity of the Pax 2 and Pax 3 design will appeal to vapers of all experience levels. These portable vaporizers are comprised of a mouthpiece, the actual body of the unit which contains the battery and heating chamber, and a magnetic oven lid to hold your dry herb. The mouthpiece is available in two varieties, a flat mouthpiece which is flush with the unit for incognito vaporization, as well as a raised mouthpiece for heavier draws.

PAX Vape Accessories

Aside from replacement parts for repairing your Pax 2 or Pax 3 portable vaporizer, there are a variety of options for upgrades as well as maintenance. Screens can be purchased for the unit to filter contaminants from entering the vapor path. These screens have no holes, the vapor travels around them due to their scalloped design, eliminating the possibility for particulates to travel through. A case is also available for the vaporizer to offer added protection and durability. A cleaning kit is available to perform routine cleaning for your vaporizer. It is recommended to lightly clean the Pax 2 or Pax 3 after every ten uses and to wipe down the heating element after every bowl to prevent buildup. Maintenance of your PAX 2 or PAX 3 vaporizer will keep you vaping for years to come. 

Finding Pax Replacement Parts

You’ve got your PAX vaporizer. We’ve got your PAX parts. These essential components play key roles in using the PAX. From oven lids and mouthpieces to charging docks and screens, we offer an array of PAX vaporizer parts crafted under the highest manufacturing standards by Ploom.

Featuring designs geared toward convenience, PAX parts are easy to use, clean, and replace. Made with high grade materials, they last a long time before replacement is needed. In addition to PAX replacement parts, there are options for upgrading your device. These vaporizer parts include the PAX Raised Mouthpiece and the PAX Oven Lid. We also offer PAX accessories like the VapeCase, a protective carrying case for traveling with your PAX vaporizer and parts.

PAX parts often come in packs so you can stock up. Having an extra mouthpiece, oven lid, or screen around will ensure continuous vaping. If a part is broken or misplaced, you can easily replace it. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the PAX replacement part to arrive at your door.

What Parts Are Compatible with Both PAX 2 and PAX 3?

A number of PAX parts are compatible with both the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers. First there are PAX screens, which take the form of a solid plate in place of the usual mesh design. Vapor passes through scalloped edges on the sides of the screen, which cool and purify each hit. The high grade metal PAX screens are easy to clean. Just remove them from the chamber, soak in isopropyl alcohol, and wipe them clean.

Next there are the PAX raised mouthpieces. These elevated mouthpieces extend the vapor path further than the flat mouthpieces that come with the PAX vaporizer. The longer air path allows hits to cool off. They also feature an ergonomic nozzle that fits more comfortably. The raised mouthpieces are compatible with both PAX vaporizers, and come in packs of 2.

Both PAX vaporizers feature a magnetically-attached oven lid that simply snaps on and off. This is a more convenient way to load or clean the chamber. No unscrewing necessary. But the PAX oven lid is easy to misplace if you’re not careful, so it’s wise to stock up on them. This PAX replacement part is compatible with both the PAX 2 and PAX 3, so they keep their value if you upgrade to the latest device.

Pax Screens

PAX screens play an integral role in the device’s vapor production. They ensure a cooler, smoother, and cleaner hit. The PAX screen is like no other in that it boasts a solid plate design while most vaporizer screens are made of metal mesh. Vapor is channeled through the scalloped edges of the PAX screen, where particles are captured. This process sifts vapor, allowing it to cool before it is inhaled.

PAX screens are particularly easy to clean. They can be removed from the chamber and cleaned in minutes. You can regularly clean your screens to get the most out of them. The solid plate design is much easier to clean than mesh, so you’ll enjoy longer lasting performance with regular cleaning. You can stock up on PAX replacement screens to enjoy continuous vaping rather than wait for a part to be shipped to you.

What is the Pax Screen Trick?

Chances are if you’re a PAX owner you’ve heard of the PAX screen trick. This is a DIY way of creating a half-pack insert. This tool delivers the same level of vapor quality you’d enjoy from a full bowl even when you’ve only packed the oven half way.

The PAX screen trick is easy to do. All you need is a nickel-sized mesh screen, scissors, and your pinky. If you’re not the arts-and-crafts type, the PAX half-pack oven lid does the same thing better. It’s up to you whether you’d like to take matters into your own hands or opt for the actual PAX part.

So how does the PAX screen trick work?

First, find a circular screen about the size of a nickel. Bend it into a U shape around your pinky, pencil, or any other long narrow item. Pack half the bowl. Now lay the bottom of the U-shaped screen on top of the herb. The screen will fill up the empty space in the half-packed chamber while keeping the herb packed firmly to promote better vaporization. Bear in mind you may need to trim the edges of the screen for it to fit perfectly in the chamber.

PAX Concentrate Insert

The PAX 3 concentrate insert enables you to seamlessly go from dry herb to wax concentrates. This essential PAX part features a snap-on neodymium magnetic lock for easy attachment. Simply load the wax chamber of the insert with concentrate, remove the oven lid from the PAX heating chamber and insert. This wax insert is compatible with both the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers. Instructions for use are identical for both devices. 

For the best results, choose the highest temperature when using the PAX wax insert. Wax responds well to high heat. If you're using the PAX 3, you can customize your heat to be higher than the highest preset temperature. A few degrees above 420F is ideal. We recommend giving the concentrates 20 to 30 seconds to melt before hitting.

When using the PAX 3 concentrate insert, make sure to keep the device upright. The wax needs to melt at the bottom of the insert and pool around the intake holes for the best results. This way, as you inhale, air will be pulled in over the concentrates. 

We recommend regular cleaning of the PAX concentrate insert. This ensures the best performance and a longer product life. You can clean the wax chamber using PAX pipe cleaners and a drop of isopropyl alcohol. For deeper cleans, remove the wax chamber from the PAX 3 concentrate insert by sliding it off the base piece. Then soak it in isopropyl for 15 minutes and follow-up with a scrub. 

Pax Mouthpiece

The PAX mouthpiece is made of surgical-grade silicone that promises a more comfortable experience. Silicone is more resistant to heat than other materials, keeping the PAX mouthpiece cool during sessions.

If you want to enjoy continuous vaping, we recommend stocking up on PAX mouthpieces. They are one of the most commonly purchased PAX replacement parts. While silicone is not inherently prone to breakage, it can degrade over time with heavy use. When it does come time for a replacement, the PAX mouthpiece is affordable and comes in packs of two.

The PAX mouthpiece comes in two different styles--flat or raised. Both types are compatible with PAX 2 and PAX 3.

PAX Raised Mouthpiece vs PAX Flat Mouthpiece

With two PAX replacement mouthpieces available, users often wonder which PAX mouthpiece is best for them. These PAX 2 and PAX 3 parts are similar, but each offers its own set of benefits.

The PAX raised mouthpiece extends the vapor path slightly. This cools the vapor somewhat more. The raised mouthpiece for PAX will also keep heat from reaching the user’s lips, making it perfect for long sessions or sharing with a group of friends.

The PAX flat mouthpiece offers a slimmer profile that sits flush with the top of the unit. The flat mouthpiece replacement for PAX offers a more discrete way to enjoy your PAX vaporizer. When the flat mouthpiece is used in conjunction with the PAX, it can be completely concealed in your hand and will fit more easily into your pocket.

PAX Accessories

Aside from PAX replacement parts, there are a number of PAX accessories to enhance your sessions. Outfitting your PAX vaporizer with accessories offers a great way to customize your vaping. Many users find that PAX accessories like the VapeCase significantly improve their overall experience.

PAX VapeCase

While many users enjoy the portability of the PAX vaporizer in their pocket or bag, sometimes added protection is needed for travel. A great way to protect your PAX from damage or prying eyes is the PAX VapeCase. This case offers a hard shell for long lasting protection and a soft padded interior to protect your PAX vaporizer from scratches or shock. The Vape Case also carries all your PAX parts and accessories in one place.

PAX Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your PAX vaporizer is a sure-fire way to enjoy long lasting performance. The PAX cleaning kit comes with 20 pipe cleaners and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. The pipe cleaners come in a creamy color with red spots. They are used to floss out the air path located underneath the mouthpiece. The isopropyl alcohol comes in a 9ml bottle. This cleaning solution is used to wipe down PAX parts and the vaporizer itself. You can also soak PAX replacement parts in isopropyl for a deep clean.

PAX Care & Maintenance

Cleaning and caring for your vaporizer will ensure the best performance and longevity. Like all vaporizers, the PAX will require some maintenance steps. Though PAX vaporizers tend to be very straightforward in terms of care, some newer users may like to know what they should do to protect their investment.

How to Clean Pax Vaporizer

Routine cleaning of the PAX vaporizer will extend the life of your device and maintain the optimal performance. For convenience, a PAX cleaning kit may be purchased.

Cleaning the PAX vaporizer is simple. After every usage, remove the used dry herb and dust any debris from the chamber as well as the oven lid.

For a more thorough cleaning, perform the following steps every few weeks.

1.       Remove the mouthpiece and oven lid from your PAX vaporizer

2.       Use a Q-tip or pipe cleaner soaked in isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue from the bottom of the mouthpiece, the oven lid and the chamber.

3.       Use a pipe cleaner soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the vapor path

4.       Allow your PAX vaporizer to dry before use.

How to Charge the Pax Vaporizer

PAX vaporizers are charged using the PAX charging kit, a cradle on which the device rests. Simply rest the PAX on its back, connecting the two prongs on the bed of the charging dock to the two ports on the backside of the vaporizer.

When the PAX is charging, the battery level is indicated by the number of LED lights that glow:

0 - 24% = 4 LED petals glowing on and off

25% to 49% = 1 petal

50% to 74% = 2 petals

 75% to 99% = 3 petals

Full charge = All petals glow solid

The PAX charges in about 2 to 3 hours. The charge time will depend upon the power source. A wall outlet will charge much faster than car charger, for instance. The PAX charging kit comes with a USB cable, so you can charge up from a variety of power sources.

To learn more, visit our PAX vaporizers page.