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  • The Pax 3 has a smoother, more refined look than its metallic brushed predecessor, the Pax 2. To satisfy every preference, the Pax 3 comes in a variety of looks: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Black. The exterior is made of highly polished anodized aluminum that’s very durable yet soft to the touch, making it pleasant to grip while vaping. The ergonomic shape of the third Pax vape feels as welcome in the hand as the stick shift of a Porsche. Attractive to the eye, yet easy to conceal when need be, the Pax 3 is ideal for vaping dry herb out and about. Boasting a high quality build, the PAX 3 is protected by a 10 year warranty.
    • High-polish Anodized Aluminium
    • 3500 mAh Battery

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  • Designed for versatility, PAX 3 is one of the only dual-use portable vaporizers out there. Simply place the included concentrate insert into the herb chamber and the PAX 3 will vaporize wax.
    • High-polish Anodized Aluminium
    • 3500 mAh Battery
    • 15 Second Heat Time

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  • The PAX 3 Vaporizer - Basic Kit includes the best portable vaporizer in the world and the essential accessories you need to use it. PAX 3 is a sleek, powerful portable vaporizer from PAX Labs that offers an even smarter, faster, and stronger vaping experience than its predecessor, PAX 2. From the high-speed heat up time and lengthier battery life to the app-controlled heating modes and iPhone-like haptic feedback, PAX 3 basic kit delivers a truly cutting edge vaporization experience. The PAX 3 Basic Kit is protected by an impressive 10 year warranty, testifying to the quality of this landmark vaporizer.
    • Polished Anodized Aluminum
    • Stronger 3500MAH Battery
    • Rapid 15 Sec Heating

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The full lineup of PAX 2 vaporizers shimmer in Blue, Silver, Black, and Red brushed aluminum finishes.

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About PAX Vaporizers

PAX vaporizers are the brainchildren of PAX Labs, formerly known as Ploom, a San Francisco based manufacturer whose core focus is reimagining the vaporizer. Beautifully crafted with advanced technology beneath their elegant surfaces, PAX vapes deliver simple, enjoyable vaping sessions. Truly innovative controls, a futuristic design, and easter egg features make vaping with a Pax vaporizer an engrossing, even playful experience. PAX Labs spared no expense on high quality materials, building PAX vaporizers for portability, durability, and discretion. Often referred to in the media as the iPhone of vaporizers, the Pax vape combines simple yet innovative controls, sleek design, and clean, palatable vapor production to deliver the ultimate dry herb vaping experience. To date, PAX Labs’ line of portable vaporizers is comprised of the original PAX vape, PAX 2, and most recently, PAX 3. Each PAX vaporizer has helped influence the evolution of the portable vaporizer.


What Do PAX Vaporizers Offer?

The mark of innovation is simplicity, and PAX vaporizers are simple, effective devices with quality you can see, feel, and taste. The PAX vaporizer evolved from the standard vape by improving the essential and removing the unnecessary. Gone are multiple button interfaces, protruding mouthpieces, and LCD display screens. PAX vaporizers feature a single button and lip sensing mouthpiece to help you control temperature. What’s more, the PAX 3 vape can be controlled via mobile app and features haptic feedback with various vibration alerts for added convenience and discretion.

The release of the PAX vaporizer was met with a wave of innovation in the vape industry as manufacturers realized what was possible. Soon devices similar to the PAX vaporizer with trimmed down designs, mobile app controls, and evolved heating systems hit the shelves. PAX vaporizers have remained one of the most celebrated lines of portable vapes in the world. If you’re a dry herb enthusiast who vapes on their feet, consider choosing a PAX vaporizer as your new best friend.

Four PAX 2 vapes stand with gleaming surfaces and backlit PAX icons glowing blue.

How Efficient Are PAX Vaporizers?

PAX vaporizers feature powerful conduction heating systems that deliver smooth, flavor-rich vapor on-the-go. The stainless steel heating chamber of the PAX vapes dry herb efficiently by heating material on a wider surface area. Expect around 20 draws from a fully packed PAX vape. Each iteration of the PAX vaporizer boasts a large, advanced herb chamber made of stainless steel.

A diagram breaks down the PAX mouthpiece by endpiece, chamber, O-ring, and chamber lid.

For the best vapor quality, a fully packed herb chamber is recommended. We also suggest that you finely grind your dry herb for the maximum efficiency when vaping with a PAX vaporizer. Those who prefer smaller vape sessions or want an option for vaping a small amount of dry herb can opt for the third PAX vape, which comes with a half pack oven lid. When bought separately, the half pack lid can be used with the second PAX vaporizer as well. Toggling the PAX vaporizer to its higher temperature settings produce impressively large, dense vapor clouds. Likewise, keeping the PAX vape on lower temperatures creates smaller, flavor rich hits.

In order to raise the bar on vapor production efficiency, the third iteration of the PAX vape features mobile app controls that let you customize your vape sessions to meet your specific preferences. You can pinpoint with precision the best temperature for your vaping style and favorite strains, or choose between four heating modes designed for Flavor, Efficiency, Stealth, and Boosted vaping. How efficient are PAX vaporizers? Very efficient. The PAX vaporizer boasts some of the best vapor production in the industry.


How Does The PAX Vaporizer Work?

The PAX vaporizer is controlled via a single button on the mouthpiece. Holding the PAX vaporizer button down will light up the dry herb pedal icon (the PAX vaporizer logo), at which time you can toggle through the temperature settings by pushing the button. The third iteration of the PAX vaporizer features mobile app compatibility, enabling you to control temperature via 4 innovative heat settings:


Keeps PAX vape temperature lower to produce less vapor and odor for a more discreet vaping experience. This mode features faster cooling, dimmed LED lights, and a cooler standby temperature. Ideal for vaping without drawing attention to your session.



Increases PAX 3 heat up time and intensity for big bountiful vapor clouds fast. This mode provides bigger hits at your preferred temp.



Pinpoints the best PAX 2 temperature for flavor extraction. This mode cools faster and adds a boost. Flavor mode is optimized for flavor extraction rather than vapor production.



Optimizes PAX 2 temperature for thorough vaporization. Temperature ramps up as the session progresses, extracting the most from each bowl.


The PAX 3 mobile app experience enables you to jump straight to the ideal temperature for your vaping needs. You can choose a custom or preset vaping style from your mobile device while the PAX vaporizer hides in your pocket, making for a more discreet vaping experience. Regular firmware updates bring additional capabilities and a seamless vaping experience with the third PAX vape. The PAX vaporizer app is available on iOS or Android devices.

Starting with the PAX 2, PAX vaporizers feature innovative lip sensing technology that adjusts heat based on the intensity of the hit you’re taking. If you’re taking a larger draw, the PAX vape will increase temperature. If you’re taking a little hit, the PAX vaporizer will keep the temperature lower to accommodate your preference for smaller, tastier vapor. Although this device uses four temperature settings to choose from, an algorithm built into the PAX vaporizer heating system also pinpoints the ideal temperature for the type of draw you prefer, which is based on how you use the PAX vape. The PAX vaporizer is set apart from standard portable vaporizers for dry herb with its innovative lip sensing technology, enabling you to enjoy the hits you like most in a seamless manner.


How Strong Is The PAX Vaporizer Battery?

Each version of the PAX vaporizer boasts a more powerful battery than its predecessor. The second PAX vaporizer features a 3000 mAh vape battery, while the latest iteration of the PAX vaporizer possesses a stronger 3500 mAh battery. The third PAX vape possesses nearly 18% more battery power than PAX 2. Expect anywhere from 6 to 12 bowls with the third PAX vaporizer, and between 90 and 100 minutes of continuous vaporization. The third iteration of the PAX vaporizer boasts one of the best, if not the best vape batteries of all the portable vaporizers on the market today.

The PAX vape is charged via a magnetic USB connection, enabling users to power up from practically anywhere. Just attach the PAX vape to the charging dock and it’ll begin charging up. PAX vaporizer batteries are known to have long-lasting batteries, ensuring years of vaping without having to replace the PAX vaporizer. PAX vape batteries charge faster than the average portable vaporizer, and the newest models last longer, too. Ideal for vaping on your feet, PAX vaporizers have the battery power to provide continuous vaporization through your busy day. If continuous vaping is essential to your lifestyle, we recommend investing in the latest model of the PAX vaporizer, which boasts the most powerful vape battery, and more battery power than the usual portable vape.

The backside of a black PAX 3 with a magnetic charging inlet in the center of the device.

Do PAX Vaporizers Have A Warranty?

All PAX vaporizers are protected by a 10-year warranty. In the vaporizer world, the longer the warranty, the better the vape. The decade-long extent of the PAX vaporizer warranty is rare in the vape industry, a testament to its value. PAX vaporizers feature strong builds and high grade materials that can last many years, but if you do need to redeem your PAX vape warranty, PAX customer support has an excellent reputation for timely, efficient and polite customer service. If you’re seeking a high quality vape with a great warranty, PAX vaporizers come highly recommended.

PAX 2 Vs PAX 3: What's The Difference?

The two most popular PAX vaporizers are the PAX 2 portable vape and, most recently, PAX 3. Both PAX vapes boast sleek designs, compact sizes, lip sensing technology, and an ample sized herb chamber. But PAX 3 is smarter, faster, more dynamic, and features mobile app compatibility. If you’re not sure which PAX vape is the best vaporizer for you, remember, the devil is in the details. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of PAX 2 vs. PAX 3.

A chart comparing PAX 2 vs. PAX 3 by heat up time, battery power, charging time, weight, and more.

Both the second and third PAX vaporizers have been praised for their build quality, advanced technology, and efficient vaporization, with many reviewers referring to them as the iPhone of vaporizers. Sure enough, you’ll find that these simple yet sophisticated vapes dwell in the realm of insanely great products, elevating vaping to a state of perfection. 

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How To Clean Your PAX Vaporizer

After about 10 bowls, you may find your PAX vaporizer draw resistance to be a little tight. This calls for a quick cleaning of the screen inside the chamber, which can clog up with residue. While you’re at it, make sure to clean underneath the mouthpiece and inside the herb chamber. To clean the PAX vaporizer through and through, you’ll need some isopropyl alcohol which you can dab with the included pipe cleaner. Run the pipe cleaner through the PAX vapor path, and wipe down the PAX vaporizer oven and mouthpiece with a Q tip or paper towel dipped in isopropyl. PAX vaporizers are very easy to clean. Their stainless steel chambers and aluminum surfaces wipe clean with just a bit of alcohol. But in order to maintain optimal performance from your PAX vaporizer, you’ll want to conduct routine full cleanings.

Users of the third iteration of the PAX vaporizer have the option of vaping waxy oil with the included wax concentrate insert. Bear in mind that wax can be ickier than dry herb, so you’ll need to clean the vapor path more often. The leak proof nature of the PAX wax concentrate insert keeps the bowl from getting messy with waxy oil. After 5 to 10 sessions, you can pop the stainless steel canister out of the plastic insert and soak it in isopropyl then wipe it down.

Other PAX Vaporizer Tips

  • PAX 2 is a conduction unit, meaning the dry herb is vaporized directly on the surface of the stainless steel heating chamber. For even and thorough vaporization, it’s recommended that you stir the bowl after about 5 hits.
  • PAX 2 features a magnetic USB charger cable, but it’s also compatible with the original PAX vaporizer charger that plugs directly into the wall.
  • PAX vaporizers produce bigger vapor clouds with a slight decrease in flavor at higher temps. For smaller, flavorful draws, toggle to the lower temperature settings.
  • If you enjoy vaping wax concentrates in addition to dry herb, PAX 3 comes with a waxy oil insert included with the vaporizer. Alternatively, you can buy the wax concentrate insert and use it with the PAX 2, although its temperature settings are not optimized for waxy oil.
  • Cleaning your PAX vaporizer regularly is recommended, especially if you vape waxy oils with the PAX 3. Keeping PAX vaporizers clean enhances their performance, and extends their life across many years.