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Vape Parts for Pinnacle Vaporizers

The Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro vaporizers by VaporBlunt are portable units with advanced vaporization features and compact designs. Pinnacle vape parts make using Pinnacle vaporizers more convenient. The Pinnacle Bullet container enables users to store up to six containers of dry herb for later use. This eliminates the cumbersome task of packing a chamber on-the-go. Two-packs of Pinnacle screens are available as well. Pinnacle screens should be replaced every month or so to ensure maximum airflow and vapor purity during vaporization.

Vape Accessories for your Pinnacle Vaporizer

The Pinnacle Pro is compatible with dry herb or wax. To enable users to vape waxy oils, the Pinnacle Pro utilizes Full Metal Jacket oil can. Replacement Full Metal Jacket oil cans are available for when resin has built up to the point at which wax vaporization is no longer optimal. Maintaining your Pinnacle vaporizer with replacement vape parts lengthens the unit's life and leads to effective vaporization.