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  • Puffco Pro 2 is a pocket-sized vape pen with power that's anything but small. This no-frills concentrate pen is all about performance, delivering huge, silky smooth clouds with an extra large ceramic rod atomizer that holds approximately .3g of material.
    • Precision-Machined Alloy Housing
    • Ceramic Rod Atomizer with Titanium Coil
    • Large Chamber

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In an era of cheaply made products, Puffco has taken the high road. Characterized by quality, innovation, and functionality, Puffco vaporizers extract cleaner, more potent vapor from concentrates. No chemicals, glues, or fibers are used in the manufacturing of their airpaths, which takes place in-house, not overseas. Merging engineering, technology, and design, Puffco is on a mission to simplify, expedite, and amplify the way we vape. Their products are marked by simplicity, sleek aesthetics, quality materials, easy controls, and powerful heating systems that do what most devices can’t. Enjoy more from concentrates with less effort. That’s the Puffco experience.


Puffco was conceived in 2013 by CEO Roger Voladarsky, who wanted to veer vaping away from the industry standard of slapping a logo on a foreign made vape. Instead, they would aim to make true connoisseurship easily achievable for concentrate enthusiasts. Staffing a team of in-house designers and engineers, Puffco set out to improve the game. Focusing exclusively on concentrates, each Puffco vaporizer is designed to activate essential compounds with efficiency. Requiring no learning curve, these intuitive devices make it easy to enjoy high-quality vapor in a seamless manner.

Every Puffco vape is constructed using the finest materials, ensuring clean, enjoyable vaporization that displays the true flavors, aromas, and effects of concentrates as they're meant to be experienced. Featuring isolated vapor paths, Puffco vaporizers preserve the essential flavors of wax with no unwanted tastes or odors. Refusing to stoop to using cheaper glues or plastics in their bowls, Puffco uses medical-grade ceramic that cleanly vaporizes wax without causing combustion. The resulting vapor is smooth, palatable, and full-flavored. This cleaner and safer form of concentrate vaporization set a new standard by doing away with toxic materials and poor engineering.


Puffco changed the game with the arrival of their landmark device, the Peak. Featuring smart technology, this portable e-rig automatically adjusts its temperature when the bowl is hot, promising stable vaporization throughout your session. A 100% lab-grade ceramic bowl is removable so you can easily clean or replace it. Low-temperature heating ensures smoother, flavor-rich vapor. Exponentially faster than other e-rigs, the Peak heats in just 20 seconds. Its mighty battery enables around 30 dabs per charge, ensuring continuous use during the day. Crafted for connoisseurs, the Puffco Peak makes dabbing safer, easier, more efficient, and more effective. Just push the button and reach your peak in seconds.


Sleek, pocket-friendly and innovative, Puffco Plus dispenses with the unnecessary while improving the essential. Featuring a coilless ceramic chamber with a built-in ceramic loading tool, this functional device enables efficient loading while keeping everything you need in one place. The coilless chamber generates pure, flavorful hits while ensuring all material is vaporized. The bucket design is easy to clean for prolonged high performance. Three heat settings optimized for small, medium and large clouds allow you to easily experiment with different flavor and potency levels. 4 clicks of the single button control toggles temperature. Once you've chosen a setting, the Puffco Plus vaporizer delivers hits in mere seconds. An elegant and rugged precision-machined alloy housing keeps the device secure during adventures. Designed for connoisseurs with an appetite for exploration, Puffco Plus brings powerful vapor production wherever life leads you.


Engineered for functionality, power, and adventure, the Puffco Pro 2 vape pen offers elite level craftsmanship, materials, and design. A precision-manufactured alloy housing is elegant, solid, and lightweight--perfect for on-the-go vaporization. Beneath its sleek metallic exterior lies an extra large chamber with a single ceramic rod. Designed for maximum flavor extraction, this high-grade ceramic heating rod extracts big flavor and big rips. Seamlessly cycle temperature settings and enjoy quality vapor in 3 seconds. The color-coded, backlit control button lets you know which setting you're on: Green - Low, Blue - Medium, and Red - High. Puffco Pro 2 was built for pros, delivering high performance every session.