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  • Hit the green with the Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack by Puffingtons. Enjoy discreet puffs with the original Pitch-N-Puff one hitter, and keep your herb stealthy in the Bent Grass Ball Stash. A winning combination for golfers and connoisseurs.
    • Threaded Golf Ball Stash
    • Mini Golf Tee Pipe
    • Discreet Design

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Golf is a long standing tradition, as is smoking herb. Puffingtons brings these two cherished practices together with the Pitch-n-Puff. It may look like a golf tee, but it doubles as a one-hitter. You can enjoy some green on the green in a discreet, convenient manner. Tagging along is the Bent Grass Ball, a golf ball that's actually a dry herb container. It's the perfect companion for the Pitch N Puff pipe. Both of these handy smoking accessories will feel right at home in your golf bag.


Nothing sharpens the golf stroke like a little toke. The Pitch N Puff one-hitter lets you partake on the course in a stealthy manner. Designed to look just like a golf tee, you can carry this handy accessory in your bag and no one will know it's a pipe. Made of premium materials, the Pitch N Puff is light as a feather and sturdy as a golf tee. Puffingtons offers this nifty little novelty individually or in a Pitch N Puff Combo Pack along with the Bent Grass Ball.


It's par for the course to tee off high, but discretion is key. Puffingtons dreamed up the Bent Grass Ball for just this reason. This secretive dry herb container bears an uncanny resemblance to an actual golf ball. It's sized slightly differently so you can pick it out from real balls. Just unscrew the Puffingtons ball to reveal your stash. Keep it in your pocket when the afternoon calls for a toke or gift it to the smoker in your life who loves the game of golf. Puffingtons golf accessories find a special place in the heart of the herb-loving golfer, delivering the perfect stash for an afternoon on the course.