Pulsar Flow Vaporizer

by Pulsar
5 Reviews
Heat-up Time
  • Convection Heating
  • Quartz Lined Chamber
  • Vapor Cooling Path
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Compact Size
  • Optimized Heat Settings
  • Easy Operation
  • 356F to 428F Temp Range
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
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The Pulsar Flow Vaporizer is a compact but powerful portable dry herb vaporizer with convection heating, a quartz crystal lined chamber, an innovative cooling path, and optimized heat settings that can be reached in just 40 seconds. The Flow features a magnetically attached face plate which snaps off to reveal the herb chamber for easy loading and cleaning. The quartz crystal chamber extracts flavor without burning herb, as the advanced convection heating system thoroughly vaporizes material at every millimeter of surface area.

An innovative cooling path--made up of numerous vertices taking the shape of the Pulsar logo--guides vapor from the chamber to an inlet in the main body of the vaporizer that flows to the mouthpiece. This dimpled air path collects particulates and sifts vapor to cool and purify each rip. The Pulsar Flow offers the advanced features of units like the Firefly 2 at a more affordable price. Expect smooth, flavorful hits and seamless usability that can be enjoyed on-the-go.


Pulsar Flow features one of the only quartz-lined chambers in the vaporizer universe. The thermal resistant quality of the quartz heats dry herb without causing combustion, delivering true flavors with no added harshness or smoky flavors. To make the best of that quality vapor, each hit is guided down a cooling path. Remember to finely grind your herb and load loosely to leave more surface area for hot air to touch. Expect flavor-rich hits with a smooth profile that flows right in.


With a one-of-a-kind face plate design, the Pulsar Flow makes vaping dry herb a breeze. Just pop off the magnetic face plate to reveal the chamber. You'll notice a row of indentations on the interior of the face plate and the main body to which it attaches. When the face plate is reattached, the indentations on both surfaces align to form a cooling path through which vapor travels. As hits flow through these vertices, irritants are filtered out. Each hit also has more time to cool before inhalation, leaving the final product smoother, cooler, cleaner, and tastier.


Equipped with a powerful temperature controlled battery, Pulsar Flow lets you seamlessly flow through different heat settings until you find the best temperature for your kind of hits. Just power on with five rapid clicks of the single button interface, then hold the button for three seconds and watch the temperature light rotate through each temp setting until you release the button. Explore vapor profiles between 356F and 428F. 40-second heat up time allows you to take hits quickly on-the-go.

Pulsar Flow is an affordable vaporizer that offers the same quality of pricier units. Its advanced convection system, quartz-lined chamber, and embossed vapor cooling pattern place it in a league with the best devices on the market.

  • 1 x Pulsar Flow Vaporizer
  • 1 x Magnetic Face Plate Lid
  • 2 x Mouthpiece Inserts
  • 2 x Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes
  • 1 x USB Charger Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Loading Tool

Pulsar Flow Vaporizer Additional Information

Dimensions: 2 x 6 x 5.75 in.
Weight: 0.94 lbs.
Vaporizer Compatibility: Herbs
Heat Source: Battery
Voltage: 110v

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful


    This is probably the best portable vaporizer available. There is nothing close for the price. The one problem that is consistent with portable vapes is the restricted airflow along with easily clogged particle strainers. This vape has a completely unique airflow design that cannot clog up and the draw is very good. I would imagine that 3 or 4 people could use this vape together. The only drawback is the somewhat limited battery life before it needs to be recharged. Time will tell about how long the internal battery longevity is until it will no longer hold a charge ... but I am hopeful that when that may happen that I will be able to use one of the very commonly available and inexpensive universal external rechargeable batteries that simply plug into to the vape with a cord. I have used one of these portable rechargeable batteries to recharge the Pulsar Flow and it works very well .... I am hopeful that using one as a "jumper cable" battery for regular use for the Flow when the internal battery of the Flow no longer holds a charge will be a feasible method.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Really Good vape

    This product is very good it works like a miracle it puts up with the davinci iq. My only problem was that its not descrite enough, the scent of weed would come out very often as if you just had weed sitting in your pocket without a capsul or baggy so i dont really recommend people use it in streets or in a public place because you will smell!!

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    great producy

    This is the best get it first and you want be sorry great vapor on 356 it is perfect but dont hold a charge that long but that s not a problem because just myself and what smell if you do smell anything it is a sweet smell like a flower this product has changed my whole experience of vaping great product!

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    This was my first vape purchase. I am impressed. As others have noted the battery charge doesn’t last long. To give you an idea, one bowl of herb will last anywhere from 4-7 hits. Each battery charge will last about 3-5 total uses. All in all it isn’t bad, but probably better suited as a supplement piece vs the “go to” everyday piece. It is constructed well and has some weight to it. I wouldn’t use it publicly because it is pretty big. I have large hands and it sticks out. If you have some sweet sticky that is stanky, you will smell because of the herb.
    The magnetic lid makes opening and closing a breeze, same with cleaning. For best results, clean after using while it is still warm. I use baby wipes to take off he resin. Looks brand new.
    Definitely worth be price point. I’ve been using this thing for roughly 3 months

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Q: I love this very well put together device. Fully charged 3-4 hours Vapid approximately 6 puffs over the period of an hour and the yello light is on ..any suggestions? I ma and awe back to my dispensery.

Asked By Diane on October 27, 2018

A: Diane, Is the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer still giving you a draw? There might be a connection issue between the battery and the charger. -VaporNation

Q: when charging the pulsar flow for the first..following the instructions would you recommend using the usb on a computer or the proper brand wall socket

Asked By scott j. on October 02, 2018

A: Scott, For sure use the proper brand wall socket. The wall socket will ensure the proper current flows to charge your Pulsar Flow Vaporizer. -VaporNation

Q: Do you sell an ac charger for the Pulsar Flow?

Asked By melissa sullivan on September 07, 2018

A: Melissa, We do not have an AC charger for the Pulsar Flow, but any mini-usb charger should work in the unit. -VaporNation

Q: Efficiency? Can you turn off the Pulsar Flow and still expect vapor later or do you have to use it all at the same time?

Asked By Eric on September 06, 2018

A: Eric, You will have to hold the button down each time you take a draw from the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer. -VaporNation

Q: My Pulsar Flow vaporizer doesn't hold charge very long. After a few brief vape draws at med. heat setting the battery icon lite shows a solid red and green light but does not flash . Does this mean I should recharge the unit, or can I keep using the vape after letting it cool down for five minutes ?

Asked By Dave on September 02, 2018

A: Dave, Yes I would recharge your Pulsar Flow Vaporizer, if the problem persists please contact customer support at 888-321-VAPOR (8276). -VaporNation

Q: How big is the herb chamber?

Asked By Eric on August 31, 2018

A: Eric, The Pulsar Flow Vaporize can hold around .25-.5 grams of dry herb depending on how finely ground it is. -VaporNation

Q: I recently got a Pulsar "Tap" model, what can you tell me about it? and do you still sell that model?

Asked By mike on May 26, 2018

A: Mike, The Pulsar TAP is a touch activated dry herb vaporizer. It has a digital readout and temp control. We do not sell this model anymore. Happy vaping! -VaporNation

Q: Pulsar Flow works great, but I can't remove the mouthpiece. Help!

Asked By Larry King on March 24, 2018

A: Hi Larry, Remove the magnetic plate from the Pulsar APX. Grip the mouthpiece with one hand and vaporizer with the other. Pull the mouthpiece away from the vaporizer. It should easily snap off. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team

Q: What kind/size battery? And how many sessions can you use it between recharges?

Asked By Lo on March 07, 2018

A: Hey Lo, the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer has an integrated 1600mAh battery. It's good for around an hour of run time depending on the temperature you use. So generally around 3-5 good sessions. Hope this helps, VaporNation

Q: It has 1 year warranty?

Asked By Ivan Jimenez on February 12, 2018

A: Hey Ivan, Pulsar offers a one year warranty on the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer. Thanks for asking, VaporNation

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