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Pyptek, maker of Prometheus pipes, revolutionized the glass hand pipe with a bold new idea. Noticing that glass pipes are vulnerable to cracking and breakage, they designed an aerospace-grade aluminum exoskeleton that surrounds the pipe to keep it protected. This durable yet lightweight shell features view-points for keeping an eye on herb quantities, and threaded connections that can be detached to easily clean the Prometheus Pipe or replace parts. The glass components are made of highly thermal resistant borosilicate, ensuring smooth, flavor-rich rips. Pyptek Prometheus hand pipes combine the portability of traditional pieces with unprecedented durability for a longer lasting, more satisfying smoking experience.


A modern version of the classic chillum pipe, the uber-compact 3” Prometheus Nano offers a more durable, travel-ready one-hitter experience. The solid aluminum exoskeleton keeps it safe in your pocket. It won’t break if dropped. And you can grip the piece as firmly as you like. Simply load the bowl with dry herb and light up. Smoke travels through the borosilicate pipe, cooling as it flows. The design delivers direct full-blast hits that are full-bodied and potent. This Prometheus Pipe is Pyptek’s gift to dry herb enthusiasts who want quality performance and peace of mind while smoking on-the-go.

Cleaning the Prometheus Nano is as simple as the pipe’s design. You’ll first need to remove the glass core from its exoskeleton, once that is done, grab a resealable bag and fill it with a high percentage solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt rocks. There is no need to completely fill the bag with alcohol, just enough to submerge the glass core. Place the Nano’s core inside the bag, seal it, and gently shake for around 30 seconds to 1 minute. The combination of alcohol and coarse salt should wash away any pesky residue clinging to your Prometheus Nano. Remove the core from your bag, let it air dry as long as needed, and boom, your Prometheus Nano is as good as new and ready to rock.


Slightly larger and more powerful than the Nano, the Prometheus Pocket delivers bigger rips while maintaining a pocket-friendly size. The aluminum exoskeleton includes a bowl and pipe shell, which connect via threading. A screen filters each hit, removing particulates for smoother inhales. A removable borosilicate glass bowl and pipe enable easy cleaning. The inert nature of these high grade glass components ensures high fidelity rips with intense potency and smoothness. For on-the-go use, a save-a-bowl rubber band covers the bowl if you haven’t completely cashed it.

A removable borosilicate glass bowl and pipe enable easy cleaning. All you’ll need to give your Prometheus Pocket Pipe a facelift is something to help remove the glass from the casing (a pen works well for this), a bowl of warm water, isopropyl alcohol, and salt. Do not use baking soda or other abrasive chemicals on the metal, as those can cause damage to the finish.

Disassembly is a breeze with the Pocket Pipe, just unscrew the stem from the bowl (turning counterclockwise) and remove the screen and o-ring. From here, soak the stem in water for 10 seconds, just to soften the o-rings that are housed inside the glass stem. Using your pen, push the glass stem out from the aluminum housing, afterwards take your bowl and push the glass bowl out of the metal casing. Once your glass pieces are isolated from their housing, fill a resealable bag with salt and your iso-alcohol. Place each piece inside, shake gently for around 30 seconds, and you should be able to watch the resin break away from your stem and bowl.

As your glass pieces are air drying, wet both o-rings before replacing the glass stem, this will ensure they won’t crack during reassembly. Slide the glass stem carefully back into the Prometheus Pocket Pipe, making sure not to dislodge the o-rings. Return the o-ring that sits between the bowl and the stem pieces to its original position and place the screen on top of said o-ring. After that it’s just a few turns of the stem into the bowl piece and your Prometheus pipe is as good as new.


Pyptek keeps their ecological footprint small, refusing to outsource their labor, instead handcrafting their hand pipes at their home base in Denver. The resulting quality is markedly reliable. Pyptek utilizes 3D printers, metal working, and glass blowing to craft their high tech pipes under the high standards of traditional handmade manufacturing. The Pyptek line of Prometheus pipes offers impressive durability, quality, and smoke production. And it delivers on that promise.

All of the pipes from Pyptek are protected by aircraft grade aluminum. To encase the glass components inside each Prometheus pipe Pyptek employs 6061-T6 alloy, which (oddly) is much softer and malleable than the average aluminum, such as the type used for soda pop cans. Due to its strength, heat treatability, and weldability 6061-T6 is used in everything from boat masts to air coolers. As 6061-T6 is non-corrosive it’s durability is unmatched and unprecedented in the pipe world.

The aluminum exoskeleton of Pyptek’s Prometheus pipes is further strengthened by anodization. This process of anodizing aluminum thickens the oxide film on the surface of the pipe creating a harder, even more corrosion-resistant layer. Through this process the Prometheus line of pipes has increased durability from normal wear and tear, due to the anodized protective layer and boosted strength from a harder surface. The thicker oxidized layer, along with sealing, also helps protect the aluminum from further oxidation and corrosion so your Prometheus pipes are weather resistant and able to travel wherever. Additionally, anodizing allows Pyptek to give the aluminum a lasting and colorful finish due to the porous structure of the anodized surface.

Each of the pipes in the Prometheus line utilizes medical strength borosilicate glass inside of the aluminum alloy housing. Borosilicate glass is preferred by Pyptek thanks to its ability to withstand large temperature variations, ensuring it won’t expand from heat or break from cooling. The clarity of borosilicate glass offers you a smooth surface and unobstructed view of what's happening inside your Prometheus pipe, and thanks to a non-stick surface borosilicate glass is able to take a deep cleaning session in stride, without you running the risk of breaking your pipe from overzealous scrubbing.