R Series Mega Torch

1 Review
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Flame Lock Option
  • Flame Size Adjuster
  • Anodized Outer Barrel
  • Sure-Spark Piezo Wire
  • Maximum Flame Size: 9"
  • Controlled Heat Dispersion
  • Grade A Ceramic Inner Barrel
  • Maximum Flame Temp: 2700°F
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Specializing in all things dabs, #ThisThingRips not only makes some of the most advanced wax pen vaporizers in the industry, but also some of the most reliable and high-quality torch lighters. The R Series Mega Torch is a straight-up beast, with the ability to shoot a massive 9" flame that's capable of reaching a whopping 2700°F! Dabs don't stand a chance when the R Series Mega is on the job.

R Series Mega Torch Additional Information

Dimensions: 3 x 6.5 x 10.5 in.
Weight: 0.70 lbs.

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    Awesome Torch until it Breaks and Company Refuses to Homor Warranty

    Super awesome looking torch. Loved it for the first 18 months. Then one day it stopped igniting and I did nothing different! I now use a lighter to light the torch, but kind of a pain for a $50 torch. However, the shop where I live dropped this company entirely from their store because several customers had problems with their torches as well and #ThisThingRips! failed to hold up their end of the sales agreement, one of the stipulations being to honor the warranties for faulty products. Which is scary since a defective product such as this, could have horrific consequences! However, the torch has really great features like the flame lock, and is probably your best value. Hopefully the company has made some improvements since I purchased my torch. I would purchase another torch if the company improved the torch(sometimes small updates are made or factories are switched) and they worked to make their product as safe as possible by actually acknowledging it’s warranty when necessary.

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