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  • The Silver Surfer Ground Glass Hands Free Wand is designed for use with the Silver Surfer GG Hands Free Vaporizer. This hand-blown wand is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and also contains custom glass artwork around the joint. Since this wand features a ground glass connection, the user doesn't have to hold the whip in place, which provides for a true hands free experience.

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  • Use this special ground glass wand to enjoy your favorite oils with your Silver Surfer or Da Buddha Vaporizer. Simply place your oil inside the uniquely designed oil chamber and enjoy the vapor. Note: Compatible with Silver Surfer or Da Buddha Vaporizers (Ground Glass Version).

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  • The is a replacement Spherical Ground Glass Wand for the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. It utilizes a 18.8mm size and is compatible with the Spherical GG Heater Cover. You can make it hands free by using the SSV hands free attachment.

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Silver Surfer Vaporizer Parts

Uniquely designed with inert glass-on-glass elements and elite level vapor production, the Silver Surfer is known as one of the best desktop vaporizers in the world of vaping. But 7th Floor not only pays careful attention to every nuanced detail of their vaporizers. They focus on delivering quality vape parts, many of which are made out of their trademark hand-blown borosilicate glass. Silver Surfer parts range from replacement screens to a variety of whips and wands, all designed with efficiency and artistry in mind.

7th Floor is all about vapor purity, hence they're insistence in using glass-on-glass elements in vaporizers like the Silver Surfer. Thus there are a variety of glass vape parts for the SSV that not only enhance its vapor production, but give the user the feeling that they're vaping with a true work of art. The Silver Surfer GG hands-free wand boasts a ground glass connection so the user can enjoy vapor without holding the wand up during use. This Silver Surfer wand also comes in a kit which includes a food-grade vapor whip and glass mouthpiece. Compatible with the SSV whip is the Sidekick custom bubbler attachment, which bears the name of 7th Floor's portable vaporizer, but is compatible with the Silver Surfer as well as Da Buddha vaporizer. The Sidekick bubbler moisture-conditions and purifies vapor through the process of water filtration for smoother, cleaner hits.

For those who prefer a complete vaporization experience, down to the last detail, 7th Floor has crafted a custom knob that's compatible with the Silver Surfer, as well as other 7th Floor vaporizers. This stunningly designed vape part is made of hand-blown glass that's cool to the touch and stimulating to the eyes.