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  • Looking for a way to hide that smell? Meet the Smoke Buddy! By utilizing an advanced air filter, this portable device is perfecting for eliminating any type of unwanted smell or odor.

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  • Looking for a way to hide that smell? Meet the Smoke Buddy! By utilizing an advanced air filter, this portable device is perfecting for eliminating any type of unwanted smell or odor. The Smoke Buddy is an environmentally friendly product that keeps second hand smoke away from friends, family and neighbors. It's compact and lightweight design make it small enough to fit inside your pocket and it's perfect for travel or storing discreetly.

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  • The Smoke Buddy MEGA is the newest product designed with a filter twice as large as the Original Smoke Buddy. The flat shape fits in your hand and makes it easily transportable. It looks great too. Every Smoke Buddy MEGA includes a Mr. MegaBuddy LED key chain that will light up when you squeeze him. It will last the heavy users many months and possibly years of regular usage. Simply exhale your vapor or smoke through the air filter and odorless air comes out the other end. Smoke or vaporize where you want, and when you want without anyone knowing the wiser.
    • Smoke Buddy Key Chain with LED light
    • Travel Caps Included for Storing Discreetly
    • Environmentally Friendly Product

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About Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddy is the perfect partner for when you need to keep your vaping or smoking discrete. Simply blow smoke or vapor into one end of the Smoke Buddy and clean filtered air comes out the other end. It’s that easy. By using an advanced filtration system, Smoke Buddy can remove smoke and eliminate odor for incognito usage.

Coming in Three sizes, the Smoke buddy is ready to take on even the smokiest of jobs. From small sessions to large hot box situations, the Smoke Buddy is capable of eliminating smoke and odor in any circumstance. The Smoke Buddy Junior is perfect for on the go use. The original Smoke buddy is larger but portable enough to fit in a pocket or the center console of your car. The Smoke Buddy Mega is great for the home and estimated to be good for 600 or more uses.

How Does Smoke Buddy Work?

Smoke Buddy uses a system of filters and activated carbon to remove any lingering vapors, odor or other hydrocarbons. The activated carbon in Smoke Buddy features an extremely porous construction. These pores act as mini pathways for the smoke and vapor to travel through. A large number of pores also increases the surface area. This increased surface area allows the Smoke Buddy to be more effective at absorption while maintaining a small and portable form factor.

Activated carbon has been used for decades in various applications for its highly absorptive properties. It is often used when harmful toxins on contaminants need to be removed, such as in water filters. Active carbon also has been effectively used in the treatment of poison victims. It is trusted as a safe and natural way of removing toxins such as those found in smoke and vapor remnants. Smoke Buddy’s active carbon is a tried and tested method of discarding the contaminants in your smoke or vapor.

Portable Smoke Filter

When you need to disguise the presence of smoke or vapor, a smoke filter for personal use is the best solution. Smoke Buddy presents an elegant and proven way to reduce the presence of smoke or vapor. The hard, plastic body is durable while remaining light and the removable caps completely conceal any lingering odors from the filter.

Portable smoke filters are also known as “sploofs” have been around for many years. The concept is simple, contain your smoke in a concentrated area. Force it through a filter and reduce the smell while diffusing the smoke.

A sploof or portable smoke filter effectively deodorizes smoke and vapor while also making it invisible to the eye. For many years, the only available option was to make a sploof yourself. These were often DIY contraptions, shoddily constructed from cardboard and dryer sheets. The problem with these homemade remedies, other than their poor construction, is their inefficiencies.

Many smoke filters attempt to simply apply a deodorizer to smoke. This does not solve the problem. Think about it this way, if something was smelly, most people wouldn’t throw perfume on it. This would make the problem worse. The only way to address the problem is to neutralize and dissipate the odor. The active carbon and filter in the Smoke Buddy do exactly this, removing any trace of smoke or vapor.

What is a Sploof For?

A sploof is used to contain odors that are emitted from smoking or vaping. While these devices can be homemade, the most efficient solution is a Smoke Buddy. The solid construction of the Smoke Buddy makes it more durable than DIY sploofs and the integrated filter is better at removing smoke and odors.

Smoke Buddy with Vaporizer

Vaporizers don't leave much of an odor. But at times, it's best to remain discreet about your vaporization by hiding what little scent it leaves. The Smoke Buddy eliminates vape odors with an advanced filter and protects friends and family from second-hand vapor.

The most discreet way to consume dry herbs or wax concentrates and liquids is the combination of a vaporizer with a Smoke Buddy. The vaporizer prevents your materials from combusting, this will eliminate smoke and the release of carbon. The resulting vapor will be much lighter and less odorous than smoke. When the resulting vapor is blown through the Smoke Buddy, the filtered air will be stripped of any visual or odiferous properties. While the Smoke Buddy was engineered to combat the much heavier and smellier clouds of smoke, vapor will be disguised even better.

How Long Does Smoke Buddy Last?

As you use your Smoke Buddy, the filter inside the body will continue to collect tar and resins from your smoke. This will eventually lead to a buildup and necessitate the replacement of the Smoke Buddy. Each size of Smoke Buddy is good for a different amount of uses:

Smoke Buddy Junior

  • Around 150 uses or 1-3 months, depending on usage

Smoke Buddy Original

  • Between 1-6 months or 300 Uses

Smoke Buddy Mega

  • 600+ use and more than a year for some users

Smoke Buddy Tips and Tricks

  • Make Sure your lips form a firm connection with the mouthpiece, this will prevent any smoke or vapor from spilling out over the sides
  • Keep the caps off your Smoke Buddy to allow any excess moisture to evaporate
  • When it becomes difficult to blow through the mouthpiece of your Smoke Buddy, it is time for replacement