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  • Travel to galaxies far, far away with the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe! This compact but powerful 6" handblown beauty is constructed with the highest quality borosilicate glass. An extra thick launch-pad base keeps your sessions solid while a ruffled percolator diffuses smoke into the water chamber for moisture-conditioned rips. The neck is curved with a nozzle mouthpiece for ergonomic hits. Designed for use with wax concentrate extracts, the Snoop Pound Spaceship Water Pipe comes with a quartz bucket, dome, and nail, and a glass tool to empower your galactic journey.
    • Launch-Pad Base
    • Curved Neck
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

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  • The Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe sends you hurtling through space with a rocket-shaped straight tube, handblown borosilicate body and launch-pad base. This 11.4" herb pipe also features an ice-catcher for cooled hits, and a downstem percolator that showers smoke into a bed of cleansing water to ensure smooth sailing along your intergalactic journey.
    • Straight Neck
    • Ice Catcher
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

    Special Price $199.98

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  • Stream across the Milky Way with the Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Starship Water Pipe. This compact but mighty 6" hand-blown piece is equipped with an herb bowl and quartz banger for wax AND herb use. The high grade borosilicate glass delivers extra flavorful, cool rips. With an on-the-go design, you can enjoy dense, flavor-rich hits from anywhere in the galaxy.
    • Compact Design
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection
    • Herb and Wax Compatible

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With the launch of the Snoop POUNDS lineup, Famous Brandz continues their legacy of melding pop culture with premium glass pipes. Designed in collaboration with California rapper Snoop Dogg, Famous Brandz POUNDS pipes feature interstellar designs, high-grade glassware, and their designer’s notorious flair for the fabulous.

“ Conceived in outer space,” as Snoop Dogg puts it, the POUNDS lineup forms a fleet of intergalactic glass water pipes from the skyscraping 11” Snoop POUNDS Rocketship to the compact 6” POUNDs Starship pipe for herb and concentrates. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionality, there’s a Snoop Dogg POUNDS glass pipe for every space explorer.


Famous Brandz designed the Snoop Dogg POUNDS glass water pipes for one mission--taking you to infinity and beyond with smooth, flavorful, and potent rips. Sure enough, these glass pipes stand and deliver huge clouds of silky smooth hits. Equipped with advanced water filtration systems, the Snoop Dogg POUNDS pipes purify and cool each cloud with efficiency and ease. Despite this commonality, each pipe has a unique design.

The large-and-in-charge POUNDS Battleship pipe stands tall at 12.6” with triple-stacked percolators for three times the water filtration. A tilted neck and flared mouthpiece make for easy smoking. Bold red accents in the clean and clear borosilicate glass body imbue this Snoop Dogg POUNDS water pipe with a striking look that’s characteristic of the lineup. For the deep space astronaut, the Snoop Dogg POUNDS Mothership features a dual dome design with barrel percolators that deliver double the action. A vertical neck shoots straight blasts of powerful clouds. This big and mighty Snoop Dogg pipe, like all the Famous Brandz POUNDS glass pipes, comes in high-grade borosilicate glass that’s heat resistant for high-intensity space travel.


The Famous Brandz POUNDS lineup is crafted from highly heat-resistant glass. This incredibly inert material not only gives each POUNDS glass pipe a clean, elegant look, it delivers amazingly smooth clouds that are true to the natural flavors and aromas of herb and wax concentrates. Famous Brandz utilizes only the best borosilicate glass for their Snoop Dogg POUNDS pipes. When this glass makes contact with heat, it stays cool, just like Snoop Dogg. Whereas other materials might rub off on the essential tastes of dry herb, Snoop POUNDS glass preserves each flavor note for a natural-tasting draw.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS isn’t the only lineup of premium glass pipes from Famous Brandz. For more options, check out Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke pipes.