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  • The Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit is an extraordinary new vape pen from Source Vapes that gives you the portability of a wax pen with the smooth, clean-tasting vapor production of a bubbler attachment. Source Bubbler 3 comes with a 900mAh variable voltage battery along with the new Source Bubbler 3 attachment as well as the Source Globe 3 attachment for enjoying waxy oils. In addition to the included glassware, Source Vapes added 4 advanced atomizers to the Source Bubbler 3 Pro kit. Source Bubbler 3 is just as stealthy as it is powerful. The Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit battery features a built-in non-stick silicone wax container so you can discreetly carry with you your waxy oils. Wax concentrate enthusiasts will appreciate the full control Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit gives you over your vaping sessions, and the clean, comfortable flavor delivered by the Source Bubbler attachment.
    • Variable Voltage (3.3v-3.9v)
    • Glass Bubbler and Globe
    • Built-In Wax Container

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  • The Source Orb XL V2 Vaporizer is the newest iteration of the XL unit. This compact yet extremely powerful wax vaporizer features full temperature control, a solid stainless steel 303 design, and compatibility with over 20 premium SOURCE atomizers. The Source Orb XL V2 comes with 3 all-new concentrate atomizers, including a new quad-coil that delivers monster hits and long-lasting bowls. Equipped with the Source Volt Max box mod with a removable battery and precise temperature control between 200F and 700F, Source Orb XL V2 produces vapor of exceptional size, flavor, and potency. Source uses 100% lab-certified Grade 1 titanium coils--the purest titanium.
    • Stainless Steel 303 Build
    • Quad Coil Atomizer
    • Ceramic Coilless Atomizer

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  • The Source Orb 3 Vaporizer – Prem2 Kit is a powerful vape pen boasting Source Vapes' trademark Orb chamber and a kit of 6 advanced atomizers, enabling you to vape waxy oils on-the-go. Source Orb 3 Vaporizer – Prem2 Kit comes with a variable voltage battery for finding the ideal temperature and vapor profile for your favorite waxes. Toggle through 3 different settings to enjoy your preferred intensity and flavor. Experiment with vapor profiles using the included single coil, double coil, and coilless atomizers, made with lab-tested quartz and ceramic. The Source Orb 3 vaporizer is a versatile, advanced vape pen for pros.
    • Variable Voltage (3.3v-3.9v)
    • Threaded Chamber Lock
    • Improved Airflow

    Special Price $79.95

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Redefining the best Wax Pens

Source Vapes is the industry leader in vaporizer technology. They innovate and disrupt the vaporizer industry by offering cutting-edge atomizers and components. Source Vapes works to create the vapes of tomorrow, today. Their product line encapsulates the absolute upper echelon of wax vape technology.

An early entrant into the wax pen field, Source Vapes was the first brand to use un-wicked atomizers. This revelation spurred the entire industry to grow in response. Were it not for the introduction of ceramic rod atomizers, the use of wax pens would not be as ubiquitous as it is today. This paved the way for double, triple and even quad coils of varying materials.

What Sets Source apart

Source designs vapes in the USA and manufactures to the highest standards. Not content to abide by the industry norms, Source continues to innovate and create. New atomizers and upgrades release with great regularity. With Source Vapes, you never fear obsoletion, these cloud-producing behemoths are future ready. Every Source Vapes product is unique in the fact that it lives within an ecosystem. By choosing a wax vape or portable vaporizer from Source you’re opening the world of your vape even further. With new atomizers, bubbler attachments and other upgrades, these vapes can stay with you for the long haul. Offering a modular and customizable system, the user creates a unique experience.

Vaporizer Customization

Every Source Vapes product is unique in the fact that it lives within an ecosystem. By choosing a wax vape or portable vaporizer from Source you're opening the world of your vape even further. With new atomizers, bubbler attachments, and other upgrades, these vapes can stay with you for the long haul. Offering a modular and customizable system, the user creates a unique experience.

Source at Every Price Point

While the construction and quality are second to none, they're priced for every budget. Their product line features vaporizers designed from the ground up for wax consumption. Your needs and experience will define the best Source Vapes product for you

10 Cig

The Source 10 Cig offers a powerful entry point to the source Vapes line at a very attractive price. The quality of the vapor produced by the 10 Cig suggests something much more expensive. The atomizers of quartz and ceramic provide ample hits. The simple operation and solid construction offer a vape that can go wherever you do.

10 Cig Features & Benefits

  • As Slim as a #2 Pencil
  • Ceramic & Quartz atomizers
  • Great combination of Price & performance at $10

Source Slim

The Source Slim offers a great upgrade option for anyone looking to get more out of their vape. The Source Slim 4 vaporizer is compatible with all 4 series atomizers. This offers the user more option than any other vaporizer in a pen form factor. The battery is powerful while remaining discrete enough to stash in any pocket. Source Slim Features & Benefits

  • Double quartz rod atomizer for huge hits, Coilless Quartz for unprecedented flavor
  • Option to add or upgrade to 10s of atomizers
  • Variable airflow to tailor hits
  • More customizable experience than any other vape pen

Source Orb

The Source Orb line offers the most premium pen style experience available. A powerful battery delivers the juice to one of six atomizers that come with the kit. The Source Orb 4 features a bespoke mouthpiece with greater airflow than any vape pen.

Source Orb Features & Benefits

  • Mouthpiece features magnetic connection for easy loading
  • Includes coilless atomizers and single and dual coil options
  • Premium function and finish offer a more elegant option than most vape pens

Source XL Series

The largest and most powerful vaporizers available, the XL series offers serious power. The Source Nail XL excels in precision with a mod battery designed for dabs. This is the most powerful wax vape on the market.

Source XL Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with over 30 Atomizers
  • Temp Control from 200-700F
  • Offers bubbler and steel portable attachment with variable airflow

Source Atomizers

A vaporizer is only as good as the atomizer that heats your materials into vapor. Different designs and materials will alter the flavor and output of the vaporizer. From great rips to the best flavor, Source Vapes atomizers cover the gamut of utility.

Source Series 4 Atomizers


  • Coiled atomizers will provide the largest hits
  • Ceramic Dual Coil- retains heat better for larger hits
  • Quartz Dual Coil- Won’t Soak up concentrates, delivering cleaner flavor
  • Single Quartz Coil- Delivers more modest rips for conserving wax


  • These will vape at lower temperatures to deliver greater flavor free of harshness
  • These feature removable buckets, making cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Available in Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium

Source XL Series Atomizers

  • These atomizers are 170% larger than standard atomizers
  • Greater surface creates greater hits while maximizing efficiency


  • Quad Coil Black Ceramic- Four Titanium-wrapped coils for massive surface area and bigger hits
  • Source Core All-Ceramic- Largest ceramic rod in existence, with ceramic heater


  • Available in Ceramic, Quartz, and Titanium
  • Also available in Quartz with ceramic heating element for greater heat retention

Source XXL Series Atomizers

  • Newest Design
  • Largest wax atomizers ever produced, 270% larger than standard atomizers
  • Available in quartz, ceramic, and titanium
  • All feature a nail design with a removable bucket for easy maintenance
  • All feature stainless steel heating element for wattage or temperature control