Standard Whip Kits

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  • This is a replacement Standard Fatty Bowl Whip Kit for the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. The new "fatty bowl" allows the user to fit 5 times more material into the wand and also provides more robust vapor production. This whip kit includes a standard fatty bowl wand, 3ft of vinyl tubing and a glass mouthpiece. The whip kit is compatible with the Silver Surfer Standard Heater Cover.

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  • The Herbalizer Accessories Kit comes with everything you need to maintain your Herbalizer Vaporizer to ensure optimal performance. This accessory kit includes replacement squeeze valve balloons, a whip, mouthpiece, screens, aromapads, a cleaning brush and an additional bowl coupling.

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Whip it Real Good

Standard Whip Kits are designed specifically for whip-style desktop vaporizers which feature standard glass connections. Unlike whips that feature hands-free ground glass connections, standard whips kits require the user to hold the wand over the heating element while drawing vapor. While you're unable to rest the wand in place, standard whips do give you more control while vaporizing than hands-free style whips, which is why they are preferred in some cases.