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  • Specializing in all things dabs, #ThisThingRips not only makes some of the most advanced wax pen vaporizers in the industry, but also some of the most reliable and high-quality torch lighters. The R Series Mega Torch is a straight-up beast, with the ability to shoot a massive 9" flame that's capable of reaching a whopping 2700°F! Dabs don't stand a chance when the R Series Mega is on the job.
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Flame Lock Option
    • Flame Size Adjuster

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  • The most compact and affordable torch lighter from #ThisThingRips, the R Series Micro Torch is small in stature, but big on performance. Featuring a patented Sure-Spark Piezo wire, the Micro ensures instant ignition every time. Utilizing an advanced 10 port fuel system, this torch is capable of producing a HUGE 9" flame that reaches a maximum temperature of 2700°F. The R Series Micro is also equipped with a flame lock and flame size adjuster, giving you total control over your dab experience.
    • Flame Lock Option
    • Flame Size Adjuster
    • 10 Port Fuel System

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  • The ThisThingRips Mini Torch empowers your dab sessions with a huge 9" flame and pocket-friendly size. Perfect for outdoor dabbing, the R Series Mini torch is wind proof, keeping the flame steady during use.
    • 9" Flame
    • Compact Size
    • Sure-Fire Instant Ignition

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  • The most powerful and most advanced torch lighter in the R Series from #ThisThingRips, the Twin Turbo was designed with serious dab enthusiasts in mind. Equipped with dual barrels for ultimate flame spewing, average torches can't even come close to matching the Twin Turbos fiery goodness. Featuring an unprecedented 20 port fuel system, the TT can spit dual 9" flames with ease. Like all R Series torches from #ThisThingRips, the TT utilizes a patented Sure-Spark Piezo wire, which ensures instant ignition time and time again.
    • Dual-Barrels
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Flame Lock Option

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About R Series Torches

ThisThingRips torches are designed for durability, ease-of-use, safety, versatility, and above all else, powerful dabbing. Boasting big, bold flames that reach up to 9" in length, each R Series torch efficiently vaporizes concentrates, making dabbing easier and more effective. These portable but mighty dab torches offer rapid ignition, clean flames, adjustable flame size, ample tanks, and limited lifetime warranties. Built for high performance dabbing, ThisThingRips torches offer connoisseurs a complete vaporization experience. R Series torches come in four styles--Micro, Mini, Twin Turbo, and MEGA--each offering a new way to experience dabbing.

Built to Rip

Featuring impact-resistant materials, each ThisThingRips torch is built tough and ready for any adventure ahead of you. Sleek and solid anodized metal barrels deliver a clean, full-bodied flame that's perfect for dabbing. For longer sessions, engage the flame lock to keep the heat coming until your dabs are complete. These premium dab torches are designed to maintain the utmost safety with sturdy bases keeping the torch upright during use. Each R Series torch offers the rugged versatility for which ThisThingRips is known, delivering seamless and satisfying dabs every session.

Rapid Ignition

Equipped with a patented Sure-Spark Piezo wire, every ThisThingRips torch is ready for blast off at a moment's notice. Just hit the ignition button for a rapid flame. This enables you to dab when you want to with no wait time. A ceramic barrel evenly disperses heat for a clean, precise flame. Soft flame activation prevents sparks or blow outs. Once lit, you can tailor your flame size using the built-in adjuster to perfectly fit your dab nail of choice. Enjoy a big 9" flame with up to 2700F of heat, perfect for powerfully potent dabs.

Premium ThisThingRips Torches

ThisThingRips torches come in four styles: Micro, Mini, Twin Turbo and MEGA.

The R Series Mini offers a more portable experience with the same features found in its bigger brothers. A powerful 10 port fueling system ensures a big flame despite the Mini's small size. Boasting a compact design, the Mini Torch makes your dab set up more travel-friendly.

Next up is the R Series Micro Torch. Somewhat larger than the Mini, the Micro offers a larger tank capacity while still maintaining a compact design. This dab torch offers all the features normally found in ThisThingRips devices including controlled heat dispersion, a grade A ceramic inner barrel, and anodized outer barrel. You also get a flame lock option for keeping the flame continuously burning during your dab sessions. Adjust your flame to the perfect length and width for your nail.

One of the most dynamic dab torches in the ThisThingRips lineup is the R Series Twin Turbo Torch. With 10 more fuel ports than the rest of the lineup, the Twin Turbo emits two flames for double the torching. A flame guard protects your hand during use, while a flame size knob enables easy adjustment with a simply twist.

Lastly there's the R Series Mega Torch. Constructed using impact-resistant materials, it's built to withstand wear-and-tear and keep performing at a high level. This dab torch features a wider, flatter stand than its smaller brother, the Mini. This makes it less pocket-friendly, but more secure when the torch is at rest. An anodized barrel promotes a stable, spark-free flame that's ideal for dabbing concentrates.

With four premium dab torches to choose from, the R Series lineup from #ThisThingRips offers the power of traditional torches with portability, versatility, and convenience that lets you rip.