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This Vape Case is the perfect storage device for your Pax Vaporizer. It conveniently fits the Pax unit and the accompanying accessories. Part of the Quarantine Series, this particular Vape Case comes with a durable hard case that makes it nearly impossible to break. These vaporizer cases are made from high impact ABS polycarbonate, airtight silicone rubber o-rings and stainless steel components - waterproof up to 15 feet!

Note: Vaporizer is sold separately.

VapeCase (PAX) Additional Information

Dimensions: 3 x 6 x 9 in.
Weight: 0.85 lbs.

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    Should Have Been More Diligent on my Research!

    I finally received my PAX 2 vaporizer and as yet I like and enjoy it. Plus I bought the additional case and the extra bells and whistlers to go along with it. However, I thought that I had foolishly did enough research about this product ahead of buying it? But sure enough only after I had ordered and received the vaporizer did I see on another website that PAX 3 had been released as a new product which allows then for the consumer to also vaporize not only flowered herbs but waxes etcetera too!! But I do not feel that I had been ripped off as I am a disabled veteran and money being as tight as it is having paid the same price via this website for the extra items to go along with it, other website were still charging $280 base price whereas through this company I paid about that amount for the vaporizer as well as the travel case and other items to go along with it. So it was a deal. But again I wish that I had bought the PAX 3 that is now available via other websites and then have the needed flexibility of also vaporizing herb, waxes, etcetera. If that makes any sense? The PAX 3 is available now for sale on the manufacturers website for $274.99 which is less than many of the websites are still asking for $280.00 for the PAX 2 which is what I purchased.

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