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  • The Vape Dynamics Hera 2 is a dual-purpose portable vaporizer for both dry herb and wax with an advanced microprocessor that empowers your vaping sessions with a variety of control settings. Simply switch between herbal and extract modes using the digital interface and enjoy your favorite strains or waxes. With advanced hybrid heating, the Hera 2 vape delivers clean-tasting, potent, and smooth vapor.
    • Wax and Herb Compatibility
    • Ceramic/Stainless Steel Dual Chamber
    • Microprocessor

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VapeDynamics Vaporizers for Eliquid

VapeDynamics are known for their sleek, smart, and intuitive takes on the vaporizer. As a vape manufacturer with strong core principles, VapeDynamics prides themselves on delivering vaporizers that look and feel just as good as they operate, while riding the bleeding edge of vaporization technology. Their flagship offering, the Cora Vaporizer, is one of the most compact, practical, and beautifully designed oil concentrate vaporizers on the market. VapeDynamics vaporizers are built with precision to offer a seamless vaping experience with incredibly discreet designs that are ideal for vaping on-the-go.

The Cora Vaporizer

Perhaps the thinnest oil and eliquid vaporizer on the market, the Cora vaporizer is tailored for stealth vaping in public or casual hits at home. The cartridge, known as a Cora pod, can contain 1.0 ml of eliquid and an inert ceramic coil that delivers smooth, potent hits. Easy to refill and load into the Cora vaporizer, the Cora pod is one of the most advanced eliquid cartridges available. The mouthpiece, which features low resistance for bigger hits, doubles as a grip for removing and inserting the ejuice cartridge. To refill the Cora vaporizer, simply twist the cap on the bottom of the Cora pod. Two fill holes lie beneath the cap, awaiting more eliquid. VapeDynamics blesses ecigarette aficionados with painless, pleasurable vaporization.

A Dynamic Ejuice Vape

VapeDynamics constructed the Cora vape with convenience in mind. The micro-USB charger, which is included with the Cora vaporizer, magnetically connects to the unit for easy charging. The 500mAh battery utilizes 1.4 ohm resistance for rapid heat up and bountiful vapor production. The Cora vaporizer features a sturdy build made of carbon fiber, zinc, and aluminum alloy that feels solid yet lightweight when you grip the device. To take a hit from the Cora vaporizer, simply press the single button control and take a draw.

The Future of Vaping

As one of the most forward-thinking vape manufacturers, VapeDynamics understands that simplicity is the highest sophistication. With the Cora vaporizer sitting smooth and solid as a stone in your grip, you’ll feel the thoughtfulness with which VapeDynamics has sculpted away the unnecessary, leaving only the essential. The vapor quality of the Cora vaporizer speaks volumes about its design. Smooth, full of flavor, and rich with aroma, each hit from a VapeDynamics vaporizer is a pleasure.