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Genuine Vapir Parts for Your Genuine Vapir Vaporizer

Here you'll find OEM parts and accessories for Vapir's complete line of desktop and portable vaporizers, including replacement parts for the original Vapir Rise and Rise 2.0 dual-function desktop vaporizer, the Prima portable vaporizer, and Vapir's classic NO2 handheld vaporizer. We even stock parts and accessories for the first of its kind forced-air Vapir One 5.0. and ultra-compact Oxygen Mini. Make your replacements and upgrades a breeze with parts produced by the manufacturer of your vaporizer. Keep your portable vaporizers or desktop vaporizer running long and strong, so you can vape on.

Vapir Vaporizer Parts for Desktop & Portable Vaporizers

Vapir has been making vaporizers for a long time, as such they have quite the diverse line. The Vapir Prima is a portable vaporizer, which boasts compatibility with dry herb and wax. Below you can find parts and upgrades for the Prima line of vaporizers, including replacement mouthpieces and batteries as well as a glass bubbler attachment for extra cool vapor. The Rise is on of Vapir's original vaporizers, a desktop vaporizer featuring whip-style as well as balloon bag vapor delivery. If you're looking for a replacement part for the Rise, such as a screen or new whips or bags, rest assured these will offer full functionality. The Vapir Oxygen mini is an extremely portable vaporizer, optimized for dry herb. Find replacement screens and cleaning supplies, as well as a case for added protection, and be sure they will be the perfect fit. Long-term care of your vaporizer is essential to keep it for many years ahead.