Oxygen Mini

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Vape Parts for the Vapir Oxygen Mini

For those who prefer vaping on-the-go, the Vapir Oxygen Mini portable vaporizer is compact and powerful, offering a discreet and complete vaping experience for busy modern day commuters. To ensure that users can maintain their Vapir Oxygen Mini, Vapir has released all the essential replacement vape parts.

To help you stay in charge of your Vapir Oxygen Mini, we stock three chargers. The Vapir Oxygen Mini battery pack comes with an external rechargeable battery and charger. For commuters, there's the Vapir Oxygen Mini car charger. And for home charging, we have the replacement Vapir power chord.

Vapir Oxygen Mini Parts for Cleaning

Keeping your Vapir Oxygen Mini clean leaves you with optimal vapor production. To give you the right tools for the job, Vapir offers cleaning brushes and sticks for scrubbing off resin build and clearing the way for maximal airflow and vapor purity.

Investing in Vapir parts is the most effective way to get the most out of your Vapir Oxygen Mini.