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Vaporizer Parts for the Vapir Prima

The Vapir Prima portable vaporizer is compatible with both dry herb and wax, a rare quality in handheld units. To accommodate the Vapir Prima, a menu of handy vape parts is available. Some of these parts help users maintain the Vapir Prima, while others act as enhancements.

Replacement Vapir Prima mesh concentrate pads come in packs of 5. Users dab their favorite waxy oils on these pads then insert them into the heating chamber of the Vapir Prima. To keep the Vapir Prima vaporizer fully optimized, the Vapir cleaning brush and cleaning tool help break down resin build up so airflow and vapor purity is maximized. And to give users a dependable way to travel with the Vapir Prima, the Vapir Prima hard case features solid construction and room enough for all your Vapir accessories.

Find Every Vapir Prima Part You Need

Aficionados of "true vaporization" will appreciate the Vapir Prima glass bubbler attachment. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, the Vapir Prima bubbler cools and moisture-conditions vapor for truly smooth hits. A 100% glass bubbler adapter enables users to fit the glass bubbler snugly onto the Vapir Prima.

Whether you're seeking replacement vape parts for the Vapir Prima, or want to build on the quality vapor production of this portable vaporizer, there are a variety of Vapir parts available.