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Vaporizer Parts for the Vapir Rise

The Vapir Rise desktop vaporizer is an affordable unit that rivals even the most high-end tabletop vaporizers. With a rapid heat up time, forced air system with HEPA filtration, and precision temperature control, the Vapir Rise is a fan favorite in the vaporizer world. Vapir Rise parts further enhance this formidable vaporizer's performance.

Vapir Rise Parts for Desktop Vaporization

A multitude of Vapir vape parts awaits owners of the Rise vaporizer. For those who partake in group vaping, the Vapir Rise Multi-user Adapter allows up to four people to vape whip-style simultaneously. Wax concentrate enthusiasts will appreciate the Vapir Rise oil chamber, which is used with Vapir Rise oil pads. And the handy Vapir Rise Hot Grabber allows you to remove the herb or wax chamber before it cools down.

Whether you're maintaining your Vapir Rise or optimizing its vapor production with an attachment, Vapir manufacturers some of the finest vape parts in the industry.