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  • The Vapolution Re-Chargeable Battery Pack is a must have accessory for your Vapolution Vaporizer. The Vapolution Vaporizer can be used with the power adaptor or this Rechargeable Battery Pack, which provides for 2 hours of continuous use. The typical charge time for this Battery Pack is 2-3 hours and it comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.
    • Compatible w/ Vapolution 2

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Vapolution Vaporizer Parts

The Vapolution 3 vaporizer delivers true vaporization with glass-on-glass elements. Glass is a highly inert material that doesn't react to heat, so the flavor and aroma of vapor which passes through it is preserved. To keep the vapor production of your Vapolution optimal, glass replacement vaporizer parts are available.

Vapolution vaporizers can be enhanced with their All-In-Wonder Bowl, a borosilicate glass straw for drawing purer tasting hits. This 12 inch long pipe extends the distance vapor travels from the heating chamber to your mouth, giving it more time to cool off, and delivers a more complete glass-on-glass vaping experience.