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Replace or upgrade the whip of your Vapor Brothers vaporizer with ease, find the replacement part you need to ensure compatibility. These whips feature quality glass for full-flavored vapor, with additional cooling properties. Outside of the standard replacement whip, there are custom options which can offer a personal touch. Wands featuring blown glass knobs not only look visually appealing, but provide a stable grip. Screens are essential to a clean vaping experience. Without a screen, vapor materials may touch the heating element, resulting in combustion.

Whip Vaporizer Components

High-quality whips are an essential piece of any desktop vaporizer. Most modern vaporizer whips are comprised of three pieces. At the base is a ground glass wand which serves as the atomizer, where your materials are vaporized. The vapors then travel through a length of medical-grade tubing which is both heat-resistant and inherently flavor neutral. A glass mouthpiece completes the vapor path and is where the user will inhale. You can replace the whip as an entire three piece assembly, or simply find the part you need.