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  • Introducing the most discreet vaporizer ever - the Vapor Cup! Tired of trying to sneak a toke in public with your not-so-inconspicuous vaporizer? Don't want to sacrifice vapor quality for something that's easy to conceal? The Vapor Cup is the answer. While there's other portable vaporizers on the market that claim to be discreet, none can even come close to matching the inconspicuous nature of the Vapor Cup. It's unique stainless-steel travel mug design perfectly compliments your environment without drawing any unwanted attention, and blends in effortlessly with your surroundings. Ideal for beach days, concerts or just running errands around town - the Vapor Cup allows you vape discreetly and in style.
    • Digital Display
    • Easy To Clean
    • Fast Heat-up Time

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Discrete Vaporization, Anywhere

Since the inception of the modern vaporizer, an increased premium has been put on discrete usage. While this has spawned a whole market of cigarette look-a-likes and vape pens, the vapor cup vaporizer truly stands in a league of its own. Looking like nothing more than a common mug, the Vapor Cup vaporizers offers a level of incognito that has yet to be tapped in the portable vaporizer market. While at first the idea seems novel, it unfolds like a well-kept secret, only those in the know can enjoy its sweet vapor production. The possibilities are endless, vape at the movie theater, vape at the game, vape at work.

Desktop Vaporizer Features...In a Cup

Don't think for a second that the Vapor Cup portable vaporizer is a one trick pony. Beneath the discrete exterior lies a full-featured vaporizer which any user can enjoy. The Vapor Cup is adorned with a precise LCD screen, to know what temperature you are vaporizing your dry herb at. For further stealth, the LCD can be shielded with the included sleeve. The convection heating system will vaporize dry herb with aplomb, and a glass draw is included for tasty vapor hits. The Lithium Ion battery will supply the user with 1-2 hours of vaping enjoyment. Who thought you could have all the vaporizer functionality you could ever a cup?