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Vape Parts For Your Vaporfection Vaporizer

Vaporfection has been making vaporizers for around a decade, while their products are built to last, accidents do occur. Don't let a broken whip or mouthpiece get in the way of you and your vaporizer. Take care of your vape with parts designed for it. Here you'll find our full selection of OEM parts and accessories for both the viVape and miVape, including replacement whips, bags, mouthpieces, quartz cups, screens, valves, wands, water filtration attachments, packing tools and batteries.

Vaporfection Parts and Accessories

We all make mistakes, sometimes resulting in catastrophic damage to our vaporizers. However, there is an answer, don't let your vaporizer become an expensive paperweight, fix it with parts intended for use with the unit. The vivape features a whip style delivery unit, which effectively delivers vapor, but can be broken in accidents, you can buy an entire whip replacement or just whip parts to repair and vape on. The mivape features a glass vapor path with a glass heating chamber, while this provides a clean, healthy vaping experience, glass is not indestructible. With the right part and a little time, you can fix your vaporizer yourself, for years of enjoyment.