Vaporfection Aqua Vape (Standard-size)

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  • Aqua Vape (Standard) is Vaporfection's signature Aqua Vape which features a non-spill inline vapor cooling filter and is made of laboratory-grade glass. Enhance your vaporizing experience with this mandatory accessory!

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Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 5 in.
Weight: 0.60 lbs.

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    must have

    This a must have for any and all whip vaporizers. Easy to fill and no leaking. The vapor becomes smoother and silkier with this attachment. It really makes the vaping experience so much better.

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    it works

    been anxiously awaiting this been wanting to add to the vape experience and does it ever. its easy to fill and to attach. inhaling through the aqua vape makes the vaping experience so much better. aqua vape cools the vape making it smoother and silkier I recommend anyone with a whip style vaporizer to invest in one of these. you wont be disappointed

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    Use to better glass

    Holes where too small on the perc. I dropped it not far from a wood porch and broke the perc I'm am use to scientific glass for a good reason. It is a cool accessory

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Q: Can this be used with the tubing that comes with the Da Buddha - DBV vaporizer?

Asked By John Smith on January 04, 2018

A: Hey John, the Vaporfection Aqua Vape (Standard-size) should work with any standard sized tubing. Thanks for asking, VaporNation

Q: Hi, Can it be used with Da Vinci Ascent?

Asked By Brigitte Jandey on March 16, 2016

A: The Aqua Vape is designed to connect to tubing, so in theory, if you were able to find tubing small enough to fit over the Ascent's glass mouthpiece, it may work. However, if you're looking for a water filtration option for your Ascent, we recommend the Magic Flight Bottle Rocket or UFO. They include tubing that will fit securely over the Ascent's mouthpiece. Those items can be found on our site here:

Q: Can this water filter be used with the new MiVape portable vaporizer?

Asked By Vjratgirl on September 18, 2015

A: Unfortunately, it cannot as the Vaporfection Aqua Vape is made specifically for the viVape Vaporizer, which is larger mouthpiece than the MiVape, therefore making them incompatible.