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  • Piece Water Solution, the 100% natural replacement to your basic tap water. This proprietary blend of all natural mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts coats the walls of your glass to act as a line of defense. Reduce the smell between water changes and spend less time cleaning your glass.
    • 12oz Bottle
    • 100% Natural
    • Deeper Pulls

    Special Price $9.99

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  • The Cloud/Ten Volcano Soft Case is designed specifically for storing the Volcano vaporizer and its components in a discreet, travel-friendly way. This high-quality Volcano case features internal foam padding and custom cut-outs for secure storage.
    • Compatible with Volcano Vaporizer and Parts
    • Internal Foam Padding
    • Nylon Exterior

    Special Price $69.99

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  • Show your love for VaporNation with this stylish circular sticker. Put it on your favorite vaporizer or laptop!

    Special Price $0.99

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  • This TightVac Container employs a patented open & close system which allows Aromatherapy Blends to stay ultra fresh for long periods of time, making them the perfect Storage containers. Odorless, air tight and super water resistant, it sucks out the air as the cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal. Simply push the button down and pull off...that easy!

    Special Price $4.99

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  • The Higher Standards Silicone Container offers a discreet, convenient way to store your concentrates. Featuring a unique quad-compartment design, you can store up to four different wax concentrates in separate segments.
    • High-Quality Silicone
    • Quad-Compartments
    • Non-Stick Surfaces

    Special Price $9.99

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  • Handcrafted with care, this 20 pack of 110mm cones is designed for use with the OTTO™ grinder and automatic rolling machine. Made of 100% all-natural raw fiber, banana bros.™ OTTO cones offer slow and balanced burning with pure-tasting flavor and aroma.
    • 20 Pack
    • 110mm
    • Designed for the OTTO Grinder

    Special Price $7.49

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  • The Volcano Capsule Caddy by Storz & Bickel is a nifty keychain holder for carrying your Volcano dosing capsules. Carry up to 4 Volcano dosing capsules with you wherever you go in a discreet and functional key chain holder. The Volcano Capsule Caddy is odor-proof and protects your Volcano dosing capsules from water and other liquids. A convenient way to keep Volcano dosing capsules on your person, the Volcano Capsule Caddy is a stealthy, practical accessory for Volcano vaporizer owners.
    • Holds 4 Capsules
    • Odor-proof
    • Water-proof

    Special Price $5.90

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  • Whether you’re enjoying dry herb on the road or at home, keep it fresh and discreet with the .06L TightVac container. This is the most compact of the TightVac line of vacuum sealed herb containers, making it ideal for on-the-go situations. Store up to ⅛ ounces (5 grams) of medicinal herb in this compact airtight container. A 2-way valve enables gas build up to gradually leak from the container without taking in oxygen, allowing you to preserve your medical herb for a year or longer. Available in Clear, Solid, and Tint, the .06L TightVac herb container is a great companion for dry herb enthusiasts looking to keep their precious dry herbs fresh and portable.
    • Airtight
    • Water Resistant
    • Strong and Durable

    Special Price $4.99

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  • Keep your dry herb air-sealed and fresh in this cute little Evak Mini container by Prepara.
    • 6 FL Oz
    • Airtight Seal
    • Twin Valve System

    Special Price $9.99

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  • Designed for dual-function cleaning, Higher Standards Pipe Stix cotton-tipped swabs unclog and clean your glass pipe with ease. One end features a premium cotton tip, while the other acts as a skewer for scraping away heavier residues and unclogging pathways.
    • Two-In-One Tool
    • Premium Cotton Tip
    • Skewer for Heavy Residue

    Special Price $5.99

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  • If you are looking to keep your herbs fresh, the FreshStor CVault small containers maintain the quality of your materials by eliminating light, locking out air, and preserving humidity. With the ability to store 7 to 12 grams of dry material, the FreshStor CVault is designed with a tri-latch system that’s constructed from durable stainless steel.
    • Stores 7-12 g Of Dry Material
    • Tri-Latch Design
    • Airtight Seal

    Special Price $21.00

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  • Pipe Dreamz by Higher Standards are premium pipe cleaners for cleaning the toughest, hard-to-reach residue from your water pipe or dab rig.
    • 60 Pack
    • Fine-Bristles
    • Flexible

    Special Price $5.99

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  • The .12L TightVac container holds double the dry herb contained in its sister product, the smaller .06L TightVac container. With 3 styles available--Solid for discretion, Clear for casual home use, and Tint for style points--the .12L TightVac herb container is ideal for preserving dry herb for a year or more. This container by TightVac also enables you to travel with your dry herb in a stealthy yet stylish manner. Carry up to ¼ ounces, or 10 grams, of your favorite dry herb strains. The .12L TightVac herb container is an essential tool for carrying dry herbs and keeping them fresh.
    • Strong and Durable
    • Airtight
    • Modern Design

    Special Price $7.99

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  • Consisting of 99% isopropyl alcohol, ISO Pure by Higher Standards quickly breaks down the toughest residues and buildup on glass pipes and more, ensuring a more elevated smoking experience.
    • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Deep Cleaning Action
    • Works with Glass, Metal, and Silicone

    Special Price $7.99

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  • With the Magica Butter herba infuser, you can make your own herbal infused butter, oil and tinctures at home! Combining an immersion blender with a high-quality heating unit and digital thermostat, the Magical Butter machine grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extracts.
    • 110v
    • Easy to Use
    • 4 Time/Temperature Settings

    Special Price $174.95

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  • Featuring unmistakable KandyPens styling, this pink silicone storage ball is the non-stick solution to storing wax concentrates of any kind.
    • BPA Free
    • Non-Stick
    • 100% Silicone

    Special Price $4.95

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Looking for cleaning supplies for your glassware? Airtight storage containers for your herb? Non-stick storage containers for your concentrates? Need something to hide that smell? Looking to invest in a case for your favorite vaporizer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. At VaporNation, we carry an extensive selection of vaporizer accessories and the guaranteed lowest prices. We have everything you need to compliment your favorite vape and improve your overall vaporization experience. Grinders, scales, smell diffusers, butane, and torches are just the tip of the accessory iceberg. Our warehouse is fully stocked with everything under the sun.

At VaporNation, we’re way more than just vaporizers. We’re proud to be your one-stop shop for all things vapor. We offer a huge selection of parts and accessories. No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s vaporizer related - we carry it! Not only do we stock all the latest and most popular name brand vaporizer accessories, but we also offer them at the guaranteed lowest prices. If you find the accessory you want somewhere else at a lower price, we’ll gladly match it - no questions asked. That’s part of our commitment to you - the customer. We know vaporizing is serious business, and we treat it as such. And don’t forget, we’re here to answer any questions you may have about any vaporizer parts we carry.


As you experiment with new flavors and vaping devices, you will probably come to a point where you find the perfect mix to give you an ideal experience. But, if you neglect cleaning your vape, this process might not be as smooth. The best way to ensure your vaporizer will last is to clean its pieces regularly. A clean vape will perform consistently and conserve your concentrate or dry herb. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop, vape pen, or portable vape: a clean device is crucial.

A big reason why a clean vape is something to stay on top of is flavor. If you vape has an herb or concentrate chamber, it needs to be clean in order to give you the right flavors. Sometimes you might boost your vape temp up a little too much and get some charred herb or concentrate; these ashy flavors can carry over to your next session, ruining your new material. This is known as “flavor ghosting,” a mixture of flavors from past sessions with your new ones.

It's not just the tanks the need cleaning either, the tips of vaporizers need attention as well. Vaporizer tips, no matter how clean your hards are, can get bacteria if neglected for too long. Though bacteria are generally helpful or at least neutral, there is a chance that something truly terrible could hop onto the tip randomly. As vapes get more popular, and shared at parties, keeping the tip clean is becoming a bigger issue. Staying on top of your vape's cleanliness also adds to enhancing your flavor enjoyment.

Your vaporizer cleaning schedule will vary based on how often you enjoy dry herb or concentrates. Want to clean it every week? Awesome, probably a good idea. Every year? Please make a lifestyle change. Your vape, and lungs, will thank you for the upkeep.


Some vape users are like squirrels with their nuts: they store up their dry herb or concentrates just in case there is an emergency, and they need to get to their stash. This is a good strategy, but it can be annoying (and sketchy looking) to have a pile of prescription bottles, plastic bags, or loose envelopes with concentrate residue on them lying around your home. Storage containers, be it a non-stick concentrate oriented one or a more substantial, airtight dry herb model, are crucial in the battle for keeping your material fresh. Fresh dry herb or concentrate means more flavor and that your product will have its fully intended effects.

When storing dry herb, its advised that you keep it in a cool, dark place out of the 77°F to 86°F range, as this is the range that mildew or other molds can form on your herb. Excessive heat can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes that have taken time to develop on your herb. These properties are the cornerstone for enjoying your dry herb as it was supposed to be consumed. If the herb becomes too dry, it can result in a hotter, harsher smoke. On the flip side, too low of a temperature slows the process of decarboxylation of your herb. Decarboxylation is the process that boosts your THC, if this process slows your herb will not give you the right feeling.

Here are some quick tips for dry herb storage:

-Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

-Store in containers with a neutral charge, like glass jars.

-Vacuum seal jars and containers to minimize oxygen exposure.

-Separate your strains to maintain their flavor profiles.

For concentrates, it's a little simpler as it is easier to keep the quality of extracts compared to that of dry herbs. Concentrates cannot be stored “wherever.” Different consistencies aren’t meant for a glass jar, as they can get stuck and leave you with wasted material. Thinner concentrates are very "at home" when stored in a jar, as they can be easily scooped out. The ideal environmental conditions to properly store your concentrates is about the same for all types of consistency. BUT, the best storage containers (regarding ease of use) for your concentrate will depend on its consistency.  

A silicone storage unit is the most versatile of the concentrate containers available, as you can get any consistency on or off of it quickly. Your container should be medical-grade silicone to make sure your concentrates remain sanitary and uncontaminated. As convenient as they are, silicones jars are ideal for short-term storage only. If you go through concentrates quickly, they work great. Users who consider themselves “lite users” will want to use something that can seal, as silicone jars and containers aren’t air-tight and over time will compromise the quality of your concentrates.

Anything that can be fully sealed is great for concentrates. There are sealable containers that are small enough to accommodate a modest concentrate stash. The best method for storing your concentrates will ultimately depend on how long you intend to store it for and the consistency of the concentrate. Thinner ones are more at home in jars, while thicker concentrates might be better inside a silicone container. Short-term storage can be done in a cool, dark place at room temperature. If you’re not planning on using all your concentrate in a week, a vacuum-sealed option is the best way to go.


Who says you can’t safely bring your vaporizer on a trans-Atlantic journey? From the Volcano to the PAX you’ll be able to easily transport your vape without any worry of damage. Vaporizer cases offer a discreet and secure way to travel with your vaporizer. With unique slots for snug storage, a vape case will not only keep your vaporizers and vape accessories secure from damage while traveling, but they also offer discretion when to traveling with your vaporizer, from airport security to your daily commute.

Portable vaporizers and vape pens are a little easier to travel with than traditional hulking desktop models. Bigger units can pose a problem when traveling due to their sheer size and weight, plus the inner-workings have more space to bounce around inside, meaning a higher risk for a “mickey mouse” style part being dislodged and ruining your desktop unit. Vape cases take all the questions out of traveling with a desktop vape.