It really feels like we’re 7 inches from the mid-day sun these days, so why not cool off with an Eyce 2.0? This September VaporNation is giving you a shot at winning this innovative mold that allows you to fill-and-freeze your own water pipe. With summer heat in full effect, there isn’t a more refreshing way to enjoy your dry herb as this ice beaker gets down to a cool 25°F. There are over 25 ways to enter our September contest, and you can submit as many entries as you want, so stay alert and get in as many submissions as you can to make this Eyce 2.0 yours!

The groundbreaking Eyce Mold 2.0 lets you create an ice-cold water pipe in your freezer. All you have to do is fill the mold and freeze for 12 hours. Eyce included a mouthpiece, base, and diffused downstem that easily attach to complete your ice-cold beaker. The ice chamber is compatible with any standard 9mm or 10mm slide. Using platinum-cured silicone means the mold itself is uber-flexible and tear resistant. The Eyce Mold 2.0 makes dry herb hits smoother for easy inhales on hot days. From the ice chamber to the neck the Eyce 2.0 features the first-ever ice air path. You should be looking forward to crisp, cool inhales that are clean-tasting and refreshing. The Eyce Mold 2.0 offers unrivaled smoothness, functionality, and fun in one easy-to-use kit.

Get on your grind this month and submit those entries! We’ve got over 25 ways to enter with no cap on submissions, so believe in yourself and get the Eyce 2.0 in your collection!