ENTER TO WIN A HIGHER STANDARDS BEAKER AND SUPREME CLEAN KIT Tired of your old, smelly bong? This month VaporNation is giving away a fresh Higher Standards Beaker pipe and Supreme Clean Kit! This premium glass pipe offers a functional and stylish way to enjoy dry herb and comes bundled with essential products and tools for maintaining maximum performance. There are over 30 ways you can enter to win, so the more entries you submit, the better your chances of elevating your smoking sessions with Higher Standards.

The Beaker water pipe is handmade in the US of A, featuring extra-thick borosilicate glass and a durable, reliable design. A sealed airpath optimizes airflow to enable deep chugs, while a custom ice tray molds cubes that work perfectly with the beaker's ice pinch. To ensure that your new beaker pipe maintains its crystal clear perfection, Higher Standards has developed a Supreme Clean Kit with everything you need. Included in the kit is Higher Standards ISO Pure alcohol, a 99% solution that evaporates quickly and leaves nearly zero oil traces. This extra strength solvent works in conjunction with Higher Standards Salt Rox to tackle the toughest build up and hard-to-reach residue. Also included in the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit:

Dot Wipes: Pre-soaked alcohol pads for build up issues and polishing. Pipe Dreamz: Fine-bristled pipe cleaners that cut into the tightest of corners. Pipe Stix: Dart-like tips that help you cleanly dislodge airways. Resin Rags: 100% cotton rag built for absorption and post-clean polishing. Tube Tops: Silicone tube stoppers to ensure a no-spill cleaning session. With over 30 ways to enter, the Higher Standards Beaker and Supreme Clean Kit could be yours! Remember, the more ways you enter, the higher your chances of bringing home the bundle. Good luck!