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  • The Volcano Capsule Caddy by Storz & Bickel is a nifty keychain holder for carrying your Volcano dosing capsules. Carry up to 4 Volcano dosing capsules with you wherever you go in a discreet and functional key chain holder. The Volcano Capsule Caddy is odor-proof and protects your Volcano dosing capsules from water and other liquids. A convenient way to keep Volcano dosing capsules on your person, the Volcano Capsule Caddy is a stealthy, practical accessory for Volcano vaporizer owners.
    • Holds 4 Capsules
    • Odor-proof
    • Water-proof

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  • This is a replacement glass mouthpiece set for the Ascent Vaporizer. This set includes a glass mouthpiece and an internal glass piece that sits inside the unit.

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  • This is replacement vinyl tubing for any type of Whip-Style Vaporizer. It's constructed from Food Grade Quality Vinyl tubing and ensures the most pleasurable vaporizing experience possible. The hose is made with 3/8 inch inner diameter that allows it to slip on or off your wand or any other vaporizing accessories. It currently comes in either 3ft length.

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  • This replacement KandyPens Prism Quartz Coil Atomizer features two medical grade quartz rods wrapped in high quality titanium. The inert quality of the quartz coils extracts the best flavors and aromas from waxy oils without causing combustion. Expect milky, flavor-rich rips. A leak-proof chamber keeps waxy oils from spilling, solving a common issue with wax pens, and the threaded connection makes swapping out the KandyPens Prism atomizer easy.
    • Dual Quartz Rods
    • Titanium Coils
    • Threaded Connection

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  • This tank is designed specifically for the KandyPens Slim vaporizer, and is meant to be used with low viscosity oils (CBD, CO2, etc.).
    • .5 ml
    • 510 Threaded
    • Mouthpiece Included

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  • This new Chamber Reducer from Storz & Bickel is specifically designed for the popular Plenty vaporizer., and significantly reduces the size of the chamber, allowing you to pack less herb per session.
    • Compatible w/ Plenty Vaporizer
    • Can Be Used w/ Dosing Capsules
    • Reduces Size of Plenty Filling Chamber

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  • Vaporfection Balloon/Bag Vapor Valves feature an easy (push-to-open and push-to-close) one-handed operation and are manufactured of high-grade plastic. Vaporfection has fine-tuned these valves for maximum ease of use. Contents: 2 Balloon Vapor Valves.

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  • The Volcano Easy Valve Wear & Tear Set includes everything you need to keep your Easy Valve Set in peak performance.

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  • A set of 6 fine mesh replacement screens for the Solid or Easy Valve Filling Chamber.

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  • This is a replacement silicone skin for the Arizer Air Vaporizer.

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  • This is a 5-Pack of AirVape Xs replacement screens, consisting of two chamber screens and three sturdier screens for the AirVape Xs mouthpiece. The AirVape mouthpiece screen is part of a cooling system that sifts vapor to lower its temperature before the hit reaches your mouth. AirVape Xs screens are built with high grade metal, and designed for thorough filtration of dry herb vapor. Removing and inserting AirVape screens is easy. Simply remove the mouthpiece and remove either the mouthpiece or chamber screen, then insert the replacement AirVape Xs screen.
    • 3 Mouthpiece Screens
    • 2 Chamber Screens
    • High Quality Metal

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  • This is a replacement mouthpiece for the G Pro Vaporizer.

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  • This is a set of two Liquid Pads for the Volcano Valve system (Easy or Solid). By using these pads, you're able to vaporize your favorite waxy oils or concentrates in your Volcano Vaporizer.

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  • These are replacement Volcano Liquid Pads for the Volcano Vaporizer. These volcano concentrate pads are inserted into the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules and loaded into the Volcano Vaporizer herb chamber. Just dab or drop your wax concentrates onto the Volcano liquid pad and load it into the dosing capsule.
    • Stainless Steel
    • Wide Surface Area
    • Low Resistance Airflow

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  • Do you want the pleasure of filtering your vapor through water? This ground glass water pipe adapter makes it possible. It fits snugly into the heating chamber of your Arizer Air or Solo vaporizer then connects to any 14mm water tool.
    • 14 mm
    • Thick Glass
    • Compatible with Air & Solo

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  • The Pulsar APX Wax Metal Mouthpiece works with Pulsar APX Wax vaporizers. Built tough with heat-resistant, surgical-grade steel, the Pulsar APX Metal Mouthpiece delivers smooth, flavorful hits that taste clean while boasting a longer life. Use the Pulsar APX Wax Metal Mouthpiece in place of the Pulsar APX glass mouthpiece for a more durable experience. Enjoy full-flavored 5 seconds dabs from any of the 7 Pulsar APX Wax Pens. The Pulsar Wax Metal Mouthpiece is easy-to-attach, easy-to-clean, and delivers vapor without getting hot for an overall pleasant vaping session.
    • Steel Mouthpiece
    • Heat-resistant
    • Surgical-grade

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Finding Vape Parts

There are many brands of vaporizers on the market, each with its own unique replacement parts. Some brands specialize in a specific type of vaporizer, and therefore require specific types of parts. For example, Cloud Pen focuses on wax pens, while 7th Floor mostly offers desktop vaporizers. Replacement parts are also generally specific to a device.

Vaporizer Parts for Different Brands

As the vaporizer industry grows, so does the variety of brands putting new units on the market. Vaporizer brands tend to differentiate themselves from their competition by developing a unique style and set of features. This is one reason why vape parts can differ from brand to brand. While many vaporizer parts are meant to replace worn out parts, others are enhancements such as glass steamroller attachments, mouthpieces and whips sold separately from the vaporizer.