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  • The Arizer Glass Stirring Tool is perfect for cleaning and maintaining any smoking or vaporizing device. Every Vaporizer, including the Extreme Q and V-Tower, require a "stirring" between each inhalation for a proper and efficient vaporization process to occur.

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  • Each G Tool is forged from high-quality stainless steel, and arrives individually encapsulated within a cylinder encasement. The sharper edge of the G Tool is perfect for removing the storage cap from the Original G Tank, while the other side is ideal for handling essential oils with ease.

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  • This is a replacement metal pick for the Ascent Vaporizer. It's a great tool for maintaining optimal performance with your Ascent.

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  • Keep your Vapir Vaporizers performing optimally with this set of 10 Cleaning Sticks.

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  • Carry the only tool you'll ever need with you everywhere. The DaVinci MIQRO Key Chain Tool features a comfortable rubber body and metal pick that works with almost everything on your DaVinci MIQRO.
    • 3-Pack
    • Multi-Purpose Metal Pick
    • Key Chain Loop

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  • The Muad-Dib loading spoon is the perfect accessory to use with a wide variety of concentrate consistencies. Thick or oily, the Muad-Dib loading spoon features a scoop-shaped tip with makes loading any type of wax a breeze. Constructed of 100% brass, this loading tool is built to last.

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  • Any dab enthusiast knows that wax concentrates can be a serious pain in the butt to work with. Much like peanut brittle, breaking of a chunk of concentrate from the slab often results in small shards going every which way, leaving you in a scramble to pick up all those sweet pieces. Being wax connoisseurs themselves, Dr. Dabber knew there had to be a better way, and thus - the Budder Cutter was born.
    • Heated Dab Tool
    • Low-Temp Calibrated Heat Source
    • 7 Interchangeable Stainless Steel Tips

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  • This is a replacement multi-purpose tool for the Haze Vaporizer.

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  • This is a two pack of Stir Sticks. These Stir Sticks are for mixing the herb chamber of your vaporizer in between hits to ensure thorough vaporization. Made of high quality plastic with an ergonomic design, Stir Sticks are perfect for breaking up nuggets, scraping herb off the walls of the chamber, and stirring dry herb. These vaporizer stir sticks are essential for getting the most out of each bowl of dry herb. Plus, these stir sticks are compatible with any vaporizer.
    • 2-pack
    • Durable Build
    • Easy to Use

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Vaporizer Tools for Stirring and Dabbing

An important part of vaping is loading the heating chamber of your vaporizer. This requires a tool that's small enough to fit in the chamber, but easy to handle. Some tools (known as dab tools) are specifically designed for loading, while others (known as stir tools) are solely for stirring vaping materials in between vaporization sessions. Stirring the contents of the heating chamber helps the vaporizer evenly vaporize materials. There are a variety of stir and dab tools available, each with its own unique design.