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  • This is a replacement glass globe (glass only) for the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer. It also includes a mouthpiece.

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  • This custom-made ground glass adapter is for connecting a 14mm ground glass component to a 18mm ground glass end, allowing you to connect your vaporizer to a water filtration tool.

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  • The Magic Flight Maud Dib Draw Whip is constructed with Magic Flight's trademark noir design using brass ends and a high grade rubber whip.
    • 1.5 ft
    • Medical Grade Tubing
    • Brass Ends

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  • The Magic-Flight Orbiter is an essential accessory for any Launch Box or Muad-Dib Concentrate Box enthusiast. With a showerhead style downstem, and two 14mm female glass joints, the Orbiter will cool your vapor to perfection making every draw smooth and enjoyable. Its square, wooden base allows for the Orbiter to sit soundly on any table top. Accompanied by two Water Pipe Whips; a standard 18 inch size to connect to your Launch Box or Muad-Dib and another 27 inch size that serves as the draw whip, The Orbiter makes for a excellent companion when sharing sessions with friends.

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  • Meet the newest addition to the Magic-Flight product family. The Magic Flight Water Filtration Whip Adapter is improving upon the original Water Filtration Adapter design, allowing you to connect your Magic-Flight Launch Box to a 14mm water pipe (18mm fitter sold separately) through a custom whip attachment. This allows for more flexibility and freedom in getting large tasty vapor hits. The components of the WPW disassemble easily for cleaning and alternatively as a stand alone whip.

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  • These new hand-blown glass Angled Mouthpieces allow you to use the SideKick with you water pieces, bubblers, recyclers and other rigs. Choose from 90°, 120°, and 180°.
    • Hand-Blown in the USA
    • Available in 3 Different Angles (90°, 120°, 180°)
    • Compatible w/ Water Pieces, Bubblers, Recyclers & Rigs

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  • The Arizer Potpourri Dish allows the user to enjoy their favorite potpourri and dry herbs.

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  • This is a replacement glass aromatherapy dish for the Arizer Air or Solo Vaporizer.
    • High-Grade Glass
    • Easy-to-Use Design
    • Cross-Compatible with Arizer Air and Solo

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  • The Ascent U-Water Tool Adapter is designed for use with the Ascent Vaporizer and allows the user to enjoy vapor with their favorite water filtration device. It's made from high-quality glass and includes a holder that allows the vaporizer to remain in the upright position while in use. It also provides continuous access to the herbal chamber for easy filling and stirring. This device currently comes in both 14mm and 18mm sizes.

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  • The Ascent Water Tool Adapter is designed for use with the Ascent Vaporizer and allows the user to enjoy vapor with their favorite water filtration device. It's made from high-quality glass and comes in both 14mm and 18mm sizes. This device is perfect for those who want an additional cooling or rehydrating of their vapor and it also maintains the 100% all-glass air path.

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  • The Boundless CFV Micro Bubbler delivers smoother, cooler, and purer vapor through water filtration--all on-the-go. You don't have to sacrifice portability for purity. This high grade glass bubbler with stainless steel pieces lets you enjoy comfortable vapor that's rich with flavorful terpenes and free of harshness.
    • High Grade Glass
    • Stainless Steel
    • Easy to Clean

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  • The Cloud V Aqua Bubbler is the perfect water filtration device for your Cloud V Vaporizer. It's made from high quality glass and fits directly onto the included tornado globe atomizer (platinum or classic). Very easy to refill, the Aqua Bubbler allows user to vaporize smoothly as the vapor filters through the water each time they inhale.

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  • The Delta9 Okeanos Micro Bubbler provides the added benefit of water filtration to your favorite oil vaporizer. It's pocket friendly and very simple to operate. The Okeanos Bubbler is made from stainless steel and borosilicate glass to provide extra durability for long use. Each Okeanos includes a the newest version of the KISS cartridge that utilizes the new titanium grade heating coil and ceramic wick. It also come in either 510 or 601 threading.

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  • The Bender is the world’s first portable Glass Herb Chamber. Made by American Scientific Glass blowers using borosilicate, this unit is manufactured to provide you with maximum efficiency and taste. The unit holds about .5 grams of material and can vaporize around 1.5 grams between charges. It is designed to work with the 1200F Hammer and is held together using all FDA approved o rings. The unit is easy to clean and will have all the necessary tools. Note: Only works with the Persei Vaporizer 7.4v regualr or Hammer top with IMR Batteries.

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  • This replacement Quartz Nail from Dr. Dabber is designed specifically for their revolutionary battery-powered eNail, the Boost Portable eRig. For use with wax concentrates, this quartz crystal nail ensures the cleanest, purest, truest-tasting dabs possible. As quartz is an inert material, it burns clean and doesn't give off any sort of residual taste, allowing you to experience the true flavor profile of your wax concentrates.
    • Domeless
    • 100% Quartz

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  • This Glass Bubbler Attachment provides a replacement for the bubbler originally included with the Dr. Dabber Boost portable e-nail. Designed by Dr. Dabber, this glass bubbler attachment provides an element of water filtration for your dab sessions, resulting in cooler vapor that's tastier and less harsh.
    • Glass Bubbler
    • Cools & Hydrates Vapor
    • Water Filtration Attachment

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No matter where or when you purchased your vaporizer, you probably bought it with the intention of making it a lifelong companion. With that in mind, replacement parts are an inevitable part of that relationship. Whether your vaporizer wand broke by accident, your whip is caked in residue, or you just want to improve the efficiency or appearance of your vape, VaporNation is fully stocked with the parts and accessories you'll need to get your vaporizer functioning at peak capacity. We have a wide selection of replacement vaporizer whips, heater covers, aromatherapy bowls, and other assorted glassware to fit your needs.