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  • The Pax 3 has a smoother, more refined look than its metallic brushed predecessor, the Pax 2. To satisfy every preference, the Pax 3 comes in a variety of looks: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Black. The exterior is made of highly polished anodized aluminum that’s very durable yet soft to the touch, making it pleasant to grip while vaping. The ergonomic shape of the third Pax vape feels as welcome in the hand as the stick shift of a Porsche. Attractive to the eye, yet easy to conceal when need be, the Pax 3 is ideal for vaping dry herb out and about. Boasting a high quality build, the PAX 3 is protected by a 10 year warranty.
    • High-polish Anodized Aluminium
    • 3500 mAh Battery

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  • Designed for versatility, PAX 3 is one of the only dual-use portable vaporizers out there. Simply place the included concentrate insert into the herb chamber and the PAX 3 will vaporize wax.
    • High-polish Anodized Aluminium
    • 3500 mAh Battery
    • 15 Second Heat Time

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  • The Arizer Solo II is one of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb on the market today. This is the second iteration of the Arizer Solo, featuring a more powerful battery, improved airflow, a vibrant LED display, customization settings for building the best vaporization experience, and impressively thick vapor production that hits hard. Meticulously designed with precision engineering, the Arizer Solo II allows you to pinpoint the optimal temperature for any dry herb strain, then uses an all-glass borosilicate vapor path to preserve the essential flavors, aromas, and benefits with zero combustion.
    • 30 Second Heat Up
    • Borosilicate Vapor Path
    • Precision Temperature

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  • Made by Storz & Bickel, the new Crafty Vaporizer is sure to set the standard for portable vaporization. The Crafty's compact size is complemented by a one-button control system that makes it very simple to operate. The Volcano Crafty Vaporizer utilizes a free Remote Control App that allows the user to set temperature controls and other settings of your device. This provides for personalized control of your Crafty!
    • Lightweight & Portable
    • Durable & Tactical Design
    • Ultra-Low Draw Resistance

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  • From the creators of the Volcano Vaporizer, comes the Plenty Vaporizer - an economically priced, powerful and robust hand-held device. The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization. The highly efficient stainless steel cooling coil ensures a pleasant aromatic experience.
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Handheld Design
    • Durable & Tactical

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  • The ArGo is a powerful palm-sized dry herb vaporizer harnessing the advanced features for which Arizer is known in a more compact, on-the-go design.
    • Pocket-Friendly
    • Convection Heating
    • Precision Temp: 112°F-428°F

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  • The Hydrology9 vaporizer combines advanced water filtration with vaporization technology to deliver a more portable, convenient, and efficient smoking experience. Enjoy optimized temperature control, high tech vaporization, an integrated stir tool for even heating, and quality water filtration all in one device.
    • Space-Grade Anodized Aluminum
    • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
    • Food Grade Porcelain

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  • The Arizer Air II Vaporizer offers excellence without gimmicks. An upgrade of the original Air, this powerful portable vape now features a 50% higher capacity battery and an even faster heat up time, in addition to the features that made its predecessor great. An isolated airpath and kit of glass aroma tubes promises more flavor, purity, and the "true vaporization" experience for which Arizer is known. Perfectly portable, the glass tubes feature a rubber cap so you can pre-pack bowls before setting off on your journey. Precision temp control enables you to zero in on your happy temperature based on the type of strain and vapor profile you prefer. Backed by a solid 2-year warranty, the Arizer Air 2 portable vaporizer incorporates the highest quality components, heating, and ease-of-use to take you even higher than before.
    • 50% More Battery Capacity
    • Faster Heat Up
    • Pass-Through Charging

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  • The intelligent brains behind the DaVinci and Ascent vaporizers have been hard at work in their lab for two years designing the DaVinci IQ vaporizer. This innovative unit features Smart Path Technology that enables the user to choose a setting from four different options and the device automatically selects the most exact temperature for your sessions.
    • Smart Path Technology
    • 51 LED Dot Display
    • Ceramic Zirconia Air Path

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  • The Boundless Tera Vaporizer is the latest addition to the Boundless line of advanced portable dry herb vaporizers. This is one of the few portable vaporizers to offer both precision temperature control and convection heating, delivering exceptionally smooth and potent clouds tailored to your liking.
    • Precision Temperature (140-446F)
    • Convection Heating

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  • Drop the torch forever! The Hyer Big-E Rig converts your glass water pipe into a portable torchless dab rig. Simply attach your glass pipe to this patent-pending docking station and enjoy dynamic temperature stability that you can't get with a torch. Customize your dab sessions with precision temperature between 320F and 852F.
    • Torchless Dabbing
    • Precision Temperature Control (320F and 852F)
    • Adjustable Clamping Mechanism

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  • By combining and improving some features of their first two vaporizers, the CF and CFX, Boundless Technology has raised the standard for portable vapes with the CFV vaporizer. This unit offers full convection airflow since there is separation between the heat source and the herb chamber. Vaporization is achieve as hot air is pulled up through the herb with each breath.
    • Full Convection Airflow
    • Digital Display Screen
    • Sleek Swivel Mouthpiece

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  • The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is manufactured here in the USA by 7th Floor by using 1/5" thick anodized aluminum. The Silver Surfer utilizes a unique reverse 90 degree angle design (prevents your blend from falling out of the wand) and the force of gravity to effectively vaporize your favorite aromatic blend.
    • Note: Only available in Black
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Variety of Colors

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  • The Pinnacle Pro from VaporBlunt is the portable convection that started it all, and the DLX Model incorporates an added element of water filtration for cooler, smoother vapor that’s hydrated and moisturized. Included in the Pinnacle Pro DLX Vaporizer Kit is a VaporBlunt’s high-quality glass HydroTube bubbler attachment, which fits securely over a 14mm water tool adapter (also included). Equipped with five optimized heat settings and constructed from high-impact temperature-resistant plastic, the Pinnacle Pro was one of the first truly portable convection vaporizers – and is still going strong.
    • Compact & Portable
    • 5 Preset Heat Settings
    • Cools & Hydrates Vapor

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Find Vaporizers under $300

Vaporizers within the $200 to $300 range generally offer the first "elite experience" for vape users. High-end portable vaporizers are typically priced above $200, but elite units can still be found under the $300 mark. These discreetly compact units offer cutting edge vaping technology, high-quality materials, and advanced functionality. Many desktop vaporizers are also available at this price range. These tabletop units are ideal for home vaping and generally offer whip-style or balloon-bag inhalation methods. Users looking at vaporizers in this range are serious about their vaporization needs and are educated on just exactly what they want, if you’re new to vaping and don’t feel like spending this much there are lovely options under $50, and up to $200.

Newer users looking to step up their vape arsenal can feel confident when buying a unit in the $200-$300 range. At this tier of vaporizers, users can experience unparalleled performance in every unit and be offered warranties on more vapes compared to those in lower price ranges. When your vape usage gets to the point that you’re considering spending over $200 you should expect a certain level of protection against damage. Elite units like the PAX 3 come equipped with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can have peace of mind should your vape investment become damaged or malfunction.

Investing in a Vaporizer

With most vaporizers, you get what you pay for. When you start searching for a vaporizer that costs $200 or more, you enter a higher realm of sophistication, convenience, and quality that presents itself in the vapor production. For pure vaping connoisseurs, a desktop unit like the Silver Surfer by 7th Floor features a heating element that’s completely encased in ceramic and kept separate from the unit’s electronics to produce toxin-free vapor. For those looking for the stealthiest way to vape in public, the Boundless Tera is a sturdy, discreet unit that performs like a desktop vape while fitting in the palm of your hand. 

While vaporizers at lower price points tend to be just portables or pen style units, which for less committed vape users is great, sometimes you want a little variety if you have the extra money to spend. In lower tiers of vape spending, enails and desktop units are non-existent as new purchase options. Once users enter this realm of vape buying the options for vaporizer styles opens up to every possible kind of unit. A variety of intro desktop vapes begin to pop up at this price range and are a safe investment for users that are thinking of getting a new home setup. Portable enails also start to creep into your options, the Hyer Big-E rig is one of the more revolutionary enails out, as it can fit most water pipes (comically large pieces aside) and convert them to a torchless dab rig instantly.

As users become more experienced, they will feel more comfortable with advanced units. Vaporizers within the $200-$300 range vary from the very simple like the DaVinci IQ to the intricate “I might need to go back to school for this” Source Sig2. It is essential to fully understand the complicatedness of whatever vaporizer you purchase, it won’t make your vape sessions any better if you’re not correctly utilizing the equipment. Being informed about your vape purchase is always a must, but when you reach the $200+ range for units it is crucial to be comfortable with your purchase as a whole. If you don’t see any options that satisfy your vaporizer needs take a look at what we have to offer in the $300 and up range here.