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  • Meet the Palm - Version 2.0! Developed by the people who brought you the Vapor Blunt, the Palm 2.0 Vaporizer is the newest portable vaporizer to hit the scene.
    • Newest Model - Version 2.0
    • Small & Compact Design
    • Easy to Use

    Special Price $99.99

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  • Puffco Pro 2 is a pocket-sized vape pen with power that's anything but small. This no-frills concentrate pen is all about performance, delivering huge, silky smooth clouds with an extra large ceramic rod atomizer that holds approximately .3g of material.
    • Precision-Machined Alloy Housing
    • Ceramic Rod Atomizer with Titanium Coil
    • Large Chamber

    Special Price $79.99

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  • The Pulsar Flow Vaporizer is a compact but powerful portable dry herb vaporizer with convection heating, a quartz crystal lined chamber, an innovative cooling path, and optimized heat settings that can be reached in just 40 seconds.
    • Convection Heating
    • Quartz Lined Chamber
    • Vapor Cooling Path

    Special Price $99.99

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  • The Titanite is the all-new wax pen vaporizer from Vaporite. This uniquely styled vape pen comes standard with a high quality glass water percolator, allowing the vapor produced by the Titanite to be moisturized and hydrated, leading to a truly satisfying vaporizing experience. A powerful 900mAh battery and single coil wicked atomizer are perfect for use with any sort of wax concentrate or waxy oil.
    • Included Water Percolator
    • Glass Wax Chamber
    • 900mAh Battery

    Special Price $59.99

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  • The White Rhino Hylo Digital Vaporizer is an upgrade of the original Hylo vape with a new digital LED display and variable heat settings.
    • Digital LED Display
    • Convection Heating
    • Variable Temp Settings

    Special Price $99.99

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  • The White Rhino Konvik Vaporizer is a super compact herbal vape with a variable temperature battery, rapid 30 second heat up time, and a combustion-free chamber.
    • 3 Temp Settings (320F, 356F, 410F)
    • No Combustion
    • 30 Second Heating

    Special Price $59.99

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  • The White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer is a compact and stealthy wax concentrate vaporizer with a variable voltage battery, sub-ohm ceramic cube atomizer, and pocket-friendly 4.5 inch design. The innovative cube atomizer extracts intense flavor and smoothness with a high grade 100% ceramic heating element.
    • Variable Voltage (3.7v-4.2v)
    • Sub-Ohm Ceramic Cube Atomizer
    • Locking Mouthpiece

    Special Price $59.99

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  • The Yocan Loaded vaporizer houses a 1400mAh battery, an innovative chamber door for switching out coils, and an extendable mouthpiece—all in a pocket-sized design.
    • Extendable Mouthpiece
    • Magnetically Connected Atomizer Door
    • 1400mAh Battery

    Special Price $59.99

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  • Discreet and compact with a surprisingly muscular heating system, the Yocan Pandon Vaporizer produces massive clouds with a QUAD coil quartz rod atomizer. A unique double coil head heating system made of two dual-rods maximizes wax vaporization for dab-like hits. A powerful 1300 mAh battery makes for rapid heat up and vaporization that lasts through the day. Wax enthusiasts with busy lifestyles can chill out on-the-fly with the Yocan Pandon vaporizer.
    • QUAD Coil Quartz Rod Atomizer
    • Compact and Stealthy
    • Easy-to-Use

    Special Price $59.99

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Find a Vaporizer under $100

As vaporizers continue to grow in popularity, the demand for cheap vapes has been met with the release of vape pens and portable vaporizers under $100. While most units within this price range are portable vaporizers or pens, their performance can reach the levels of desktop units regarding vapor production and smoothness. Major brands like KandyPens, Pulsar, and SOURCE have realized the need for quality vaporizers under $100 and have expanded their lines to accommodate this price point.

Most of the portable and pen-style vaporizers under $100 feature universal 510 threading. That means they boast compatibility with any 510-threaded cartridge. Customization is an added benefit of buying a vape under $100. These dynamic, pocket-friendly devices let you enjoy what you want when you want. For beginners, a cheap vaporizer is a great introduction to vaping. New users can learn what they like before investing in a more expensive vape.

Whether you're new to the vape game or an experienced connoisseur, getting a new unit can be daunting. Higher priced vapes tend to be much more complex than beginner vapes. Their advanced designs can confuse and intimidate new users. Vaporizers under $100 tend to be much easier to use than more expensive models. We recommend working your way up to more expensive units by getting comfortable with the basics of more affordable portable vaporizers first.

Vaporizers for On-the-Go Vaping

Vaporizers priced between $50 and $100 come in vape pen or portable vape form. For on-the-go vaporization, the compact and discreet Yocan Pandon offers a quad coil quartz rod atomizer and 1300mAh battery. The Pulsar APX provides rapid heat up time, advanced temperature settings and the herb and wax compatibility of high-end portable vaporizers at a more affordable price. E-juice vaporizers are also in play at this price range. Models like the KandyPens Feather are uber-compact and offer refillable mobile nicotine salt vaping.

Mobile vaping has skyrocketed since companies figured out how to fit advanced heating technology into affordable portable devices. Whether you’re commuting to work or on a hike, you will be able to find a vape that suits your lifestyle. The AirVape OM, for example, is so small it fits on a keychain.

Smaller vaporizers dominate the Under $100 range since they are cheaper to produce for manufacturers. However, don’t let the short stature of these vapes fool you, companies have placed great effort into creating affordable vaporizers of quality. Many vapes between $50 and $100 offer extended warranties as a testament to each device's quality. Top-tier companies know that even their inexpensive models deserve protection to keep you satisfied. For a wider selection of desktop vaporizers and high-end portable units, check out vaporizers between $100-$200.