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  • The Vivant Dabox Dual Quartz Clapton Coils (4 Pack) feature 100% high grade quartz rods wrapped in extra thick Clapton coils. These advanced quartz atomizers create large clouds with bigger coils, while preventing combustion with low temp heating rods that create smooth, milky vapor. Resembling electric guitar strings, the Clapton coils are thicker than the average coil, providing more surface area for the waxy oils to vaporize on. The Vivant Dabox Double Quartz Clapton Coil extracts from your favorite waxy oils the essential flavors and aromas.
    • 4 Pack
    • 100% Medical Grade Quartz
    • Thicker Clapton Coils

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  • The replacement Vivant Dabox Glass Chamber acts as a mouthpiece and cooling chamber for hits produced by the Vivant Dabox vaporizer. Constructed from high grade borosilicate glass, the Dabox Chamber connects to a silicone splash guard that keeps hot waxy oils from entering the chamber, then slips into a port in the Vivant Dabox Vaporizer. The inert nature of the glass does not react chemically to heat, preserving the essential flavors of wax concentrates. The chamber walls also cool each hit before they reach your mouth. Easily removed, this component can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. The Vivant Dabox Glass Chamber delivers cool and smooth hits from your favorite waxy oils.
    • High Grade Glass
    • Cool Hits
    • Optimal Flavor

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  • This is a 4 pack of Vivant Dabox Dual Quartz Coils for the Vivant Dabox vaporizer. Constructed from high grade metal with strip-resistant threading, these advanced atomizers feature 100% medical-grade quartz rods that extract the true essence of waxy oils. By heating concentrates "slow and low," the Vivant Dabox Dual Quartz Coils preserve natural flavors and aromas without causing combustion. No smokiness or harsh hits. Just smooth and flavor-rich vapor.
    • 4 Pack
    • Medical-Grade Quartz Rods
    • Stainless Steel Build

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  • Leave the torch and rig at home and pick up the Vivant Dabox Water Filter, a portable glass water attachment for the Dabox vaporizer.
    • Magnetic Connection
    • Silicone Wax Container w/Built-in Dab Tool
    • Moisturizes and Purifies

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  • This 4 pack of Vivant Dabox Single Quartz Clapton Coils is compatible with the Vivant Dabox portable vaporizer. Made of 100% lab-tested and food-grade quartz, these single quartz rod atomizers are optimized for big, milky, and flavorful hits. The extra thick Clapton coils boast more surface area than the average coil, efficiently vaporizing waxy oils to create large, robust clouds. The Vivant Dabox Quartz Coils are designed for instant hits, making them ideal for vaping on-the-go. Expect dense, potent, and flavor-rich rips from these advanced single quartz rod atomizers.
    • 4 Pack
    • 100% Quartz
    • Extra Thick Coils

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Based in sunny Orange County, CA, Vivant vaporizers was founded on the basic principle that vaping isn’t a habit, but an experience. To deliver the good life to their users, Vivant gathered a forward-thinking team of innovative product designers and engineers to rethink the vaporizer altogether. The finished product is the Vivant Dabox, a portable wax vaporizer that hones vaping down to a simple science. This innovative unit comes compatible with a variety of Vivant parts and accessories that enhance the vaping experience with Vivant’s trademark quality and sleek, functional design. Vivant accessories are built tough with the highest quality materials and design standards, ensuring a worthy investment into your vaping experience.


Vivant accessories play an essential role in vaping with the Vivant Dabox. Whether you need a new atomizer, a Vivant Dabox Glass Chamber, or a coil adapter, Vivant has invested the utmost energy into designing vape parts that deliver--and last. High grade materials such as borosilicate glass, 100% medical-grade quartz, and stainless steel withstand the test of time and ensure an efficient vaping experience. Vivant parts are built in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards, arriving at your door clean, precision engineered, and ready for the adventures to come.


Perhaps the most essential Vivant vaporizer part is the atomizer. Vivant Dabox is compatible with a number of interchangeable coils that come in three types: Single Quartz Clapton Coil, Dual Quartz Clapton Coil, and Dual Quartz Coil. Each Vivant atomizer offers a new way to enjoy waxy oils, generating smooth, palatable vapor of a milky density. Leaving the traditional ceramic heating rods behind, Vivant Dabox coils feature high quality quartz that is food-grade and lab-tested. The inert nature of the quartz rods extracts the best flavor and aroma from waxy oils without causing any combustion or introducing unwanted odors and tastes. Vivant coils are easy to attach to the coil adapter that sits at the floor of the atomizer chamber, which is revealed by opening the patent-pending Flip Door.