Vivant Dabox Water Filter

by Vivant
1 Review
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Silicone Wax Container w/Built-in Dab Tool
  • Moisturizes and Purifies
  • Portable Glass Water Filter
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Leave the torch and rig at home and pick up the Vivant Dabox Water Filter, a portable glass water attachment for the Dabox vaporizer. You will enjoy purer, more comfortable rips with this innovative add-on. The pressure of each inhale pulls hits into the water chamber where the vapor is purified and moisture-conditioned. Even the biggest rips will be tamed. The Dabox Filter connects via magnet for easy attachment. And a secret silicone wax container features a non-stick surface and built-in dab tool for ready access to your wax concentrates. The Vivant Dabox vaporizer is one of the most convenient and powerful portable wax vaporizers on the planet. Now you can enjoy true water purification and moisture conditioning with no chance of water leaking. Experience the flavor-rich, potent and dense hits of the Dabox with a smoother inhale.

  • 1 x Vivant Dabox Water Filter

Vivant Dabox Water Filter Additional Information

Dimensions: 1.25 x 3 x 4 in.
Weight: 0.20 lbs.

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    Egh disapointed

    I have been eyeballing this filter for 6 months excited to make the already great DABOX experience and expand on that but shortly after opening my package and trying to use this I knew i just made a mistake and wasted 25 bucks ... the glass is way to small for the product after getting a dropper because its near impossible to fill without it you have to slowly and calmly fill the peice after you do that flip over product with out missing a beat or else it will leak then hopefully u did it right ...(i suggest sucking before attempting to put it on device) If you don't test the product first your are only a drop or 2 away from spilling all that water back thru the whole and on to your coil and you wax ... and if you did it right you will notice that its like drinking a glass of water and filtering it in your own mouth .... that might actually be better idea to be honest .... like i said you can filter thru the small amount of water this thing holds because as soon as you try the air will open a passage thru the water before it can filter thu the water it self... now i don't like talking crap about a product but here is the second jist you have to clean it out after every single use ... if you don't the peice it self will clog in less then day and it's not easy to clean out at all almost impossible untill you go and boil drench in alcohol and possibly having to boil again after all this work you might use it again for a novelty piece but most likely not because of all the work that goes in to this.i was excited and let that control my thinking ... please think about this device thoroughly before Buying and be ready for constant maintenance if you do .... i think that this device would have been impressive if even it was possibly alot taller or more open but it's near impossible because of how it has to be placed in device a more complex product would work here but it's not going to happen .... this did generally upset me because you do take a gamble on this site due to its 100% protection on it self and it's way of being able to deni what it wants based on use and at this point i do understand that but i am out 30 bucks and have to put this peice away because the original glass in the Dabox is perfect for the device

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Q: Hi, I recently purchased one of your Portable Glass Water Filters and really like it and was wondering it you could make them available to me in bulk .

Asked By Jeremy dunston on October 09, 2018

A: Jeremy, Please contact our wholesale department regarding buying Vivant Dabox Water Filters or Portable Glass Water Filters in bulk. -VaporNation