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  • The Vivant Dabox Vaporizer is a super compact yet powerful portable unit with a unique Flip Door that dispenses with the hassle of unscrewing the chamber to load the atomizer. Two advanced quick-change atomizers--a dual quartz rod and dual quartz Clapton coil--deliver dense, potent, and smooth hits. A patent-pending EZ Load Flip Door makes swapping or cleaning the interchangeable Dabox atomizers a breeze. The glass chamber and mouthpiece cool vapor before it is inhaled, all while preserving the essential flavor, aroma, and medicinal compounds found in waxy oils. And the Dabox Vape features an impressive 40 Watts of battery power, offering a rapid heat up time and big, dense of clouds of vapor. The Vivant Dabox is the perfect tool for enjoying waxy oils on your feet.
    • Flip Door for Easy Loading
    • 40 Watt Power
    • Rapid Heat Up

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Founded in 2016 in Orange County, California, Vivant put the good life in the palm of its customers’ hands with one of the most innovative personal vaporizers in recent years. The Vivant Dabox introduces an unprecedented design that streamlines loading the atomizer like no other vaporizer. A suite of cutting edge wax atomizers is available, each offering a new and exciting way to enjoy waxy oils. Vivant vaporizers feature high grade materials, stylings that were as of yet unseen, and vapor production of exceptional quality, delivering a whole new portable vaping experience.

Dabox vaporizer

Vivant prides themselves on the quality of their vaporizers, boasting a team of seasoned designers and engineers who invest their heart and soul into every detail of their products. But what sets Vivant vapes apart is the attention they pay to the community, utilizing feedback from customers to hone their products into better tools for enjoying waxy oils on-the-go. Vivant vaporizers leads the pack by creating vapes that people not only want, but love.


Vivant put a dent in the vaping universe with the launch of their flagship vape, the Dabox. This compact yet powerful portable wax vaporizer puts 40 watts of energy in the palm of your hand, delivering a rapid heat up time and big, robust clouds of milky vapor. The patent-pending Flip Door clicks open at 45 and 90 degrees to reveal the atomizer. No unscrewing necessary, just click and load. A glass chamber cools vapor before it is inhaled, doubling as a mouthpiece. Vivant Dabox features an interchangeable coil system compatible with three advanced atomizers: Single Quartz Clapton Coil, Double Quartz Clapton Coil, and Double Quartz Coil. Each atomizer delivers smooth, milky, and flavor-rich vapor. The Dabox is a testament to the high quality design and materials that are characteristic of Vivant vaporizers.


Vivant Dabox

Vivant introduced an entirely original feature with their Flip Door, a convenient way to load the wax atomizer without unscrewing the mouthpiece. The Flip Door clicks out at a 45 or 90 degree angle, allowing you to drop a dollop of wax on the coils and snap the door shut in a more seamless way than usual. The vapor travels from the coils through the all-glass vapor path, a high grade borosilicate chamber that cools each hit and preserves the essential flavors and aromas of wax with no adulterating odors or tastes. With the Dabox, Vivant vaporizers have delivered a faster, better way to vape on-the-go, providing a hassle-free experience that accommodates a busy day-to-day lifestyle.


Vivant Vaporizers fitted the Dabox with a battery of impressive strength and functionality. Boasting 40 watts of power, the Vivant Dabox has a rapid heat up time that accommodates the busy commuter lifestyle. That power coupled with Vivant’s advanced atomizers results in big milky rips delivered on the first hit. A color-coded LED display indicates the device’s current battery life (Green=80%-100%, Blue=79%-20%, Red=10%-0%). A simple single click button powers this Vivant vaporizer on and triggers the heating system. Expect long sessions, bountiful vapor, and lightning fast heating.


Vivant vaporizers deliver the utmost in build quality, heating systems, and discretion. You can expect the same excellent vapor production from a Vivant vaporizer that you’d enjoy with a desktop vape, but with a stealthy, easy-to-use design that is pocket-friendly and solidly built. Vivant is focused on bringing you the best vaping experience with minimal hassle, turning your feedback into reality with their thoughtful designs.