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Volcano Vaporizer Parts

The legendary Volcano vaporizer comes in two styles: The Volcano Digital vaporizer and the Volcano Classic vape. Storz & Bickel manufactures vape parts for both models to enable users to maintain as well as enhance their Volcano vaporizers. Volcano vaporizer parts are constructed with high quality materials that are long lasting and efficient. These Storz & Bickel parts range from replacement screens to the Volcano Easy Valve starter kit for balloon-bag style vaping and even travel cases for the Volcano vaporizer.

Volcano Parts for Whip-style and Balloon-Bag Vaping

The Volcano vaporizer features an Easy Valve balloon-bag system for which there are many replacement vape parts available. The Volcano Easy Valve replacement set, which is compatible with the Volcano Digital and the Volcano Classic, comes with six 2ft replacement balloons and mouthpieces for bag-style vaping. Also available are packs of balloon bags, and a Solid Valve starter kit that enables new ways of vaping including the ability to fill two balloons simultaneously.

Volcano Vape Parts for Wax Concentrate Vaporization

For lovers of wax concentrates, Volcano liquid vaping pads can be dabbed with waxy oils then loaded into the heating chamber. These concentrate pads can also be placed in Volcano dosing capsules for quick loading (Storz & Bickel makes a magazine container which holds up to 8 dosing capsules).

Storz and Bickel made sure to give users a convenient way to travel with their Volcano vaporizer by releasing the VapeCase, a soft case made of durable material which holds the Volcano vape, herbal grinder, valve set, power chord, cleaning brush, and more.