Volcano Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer

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  • Reduces Size of Filling Chamber
  • Can Be Used w/ Dosing Capsules
  • Compatible w/ Volcano Easy Valve
  • Allows for Vaporization of Smaller Amounts of Herb

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This new Filling Chamber Reducer for the Volcano's Easy Valve Filling Chamber allows you to vaporizer smaller amounts of herb during your sessions.The Chamber Reducer can also be used with the new Storz & Bickel Loading Capsules for quick and easy loading and pre-loading. Easy Valve Filling Chamber not included.

  • 1 x Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer
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Dimensions: 0.75 x 1.5 x 2.75 in.
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
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    Smaller volcano chamber w capsules can be convenient

    This product may increase the efficiency of the volcano especially for smaller volumes. But to get the best yield you have to do what you would normally do with the full sized chamber - stir and maybe re-grind. It takes longer for heat to produce adequate vapor so the first bag is often light. It seems to use induction in addition to convection to vaporize. The solid metal ring absorbs and holds considerable heat. It produces the most vapor when hot. Convenient to pre-fill capsules and then toss in as needed. But expect bits of abv and grind to get spilled during the process as it is inherently messier. The capsules are reusable if you are nice when handling them. Without the capsules, ground materials flow from the chamber to its rim where they don't seem to get vaporized. Different fills and packings don't improve matters. The capsules do fix it. You can use this by itself, it just isn't as beneficial and I'm not sure it does a better job than the full sized chamber would -- when used without capsules. I'm mostly happy with it but recommend people avoid it unless they also want to use the capsules. Good product overall. Reasonably priced and beautifully made.

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Q: The filler reducer comes with no installation instructions??? It doesn't fit into anything unless the filler itself is somehow disassembled. It replaces one or more parts in the original assembly without any instructions on how to take apart and reassemble the $62 part. There is not a single picture showing how the pieces fit together. Please provide or it is completely useless to me.

Asked By James Brown on October 11, 2016

A: Hi James, The Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer doesn't fit into the herb chamber right off the bat. Some assembly is required. Press down on the back of the herb chamber, putting pressure on the metal piece until it pops out. The clips might fall out, but that doesn't matter because they can be reinserted after you've attached the Easy Valve Filling Chamber to the herb chamber. Now slide the Volcano Easy Valve Filling Chamber into the black plastic piece of the herb chamber. Slide the clips into place on the other side of the herb chamber. Then insert your dosing capsule and screw on the valve piece. You are now ready to vape smaller amounts of dry herb with the Volcano vaporizer. Best Wishes, The VaporNation Team