Wax Atomizers

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  • This is a replacement atomizer for the new Gravity wax pen from KandyPens. Designed for clean tasting and quick burning dab rips, dual quartz rod atomizer features dual titanium coils and a quartz dish, allowing the true flavor of your wax concentrates to shine through.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Dual Quartz Rod
    • Dual Titanium Coil

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  • This a replacement dual coil quartz crystal atomizer for the KandyPens Galaxy vaporizer. By replacing the standard ceramic rod with state-of-the-art quartz crystal, the Galaxy's atomizer ensures cleaner, better tasting hits of your favorite wax concentrates.
    • Dual Coil
    • Quartz Crystal
    • 510 Threaded

    Special Price $19.95

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  • This tank is designed specifically for the KandyPens Slim vaporizer, and is meant to be used with low viscosity oils (CBD, CO2, etc.).
    • .5 ml
    • 510 Threaded
    • Mouthpiece Included

    Special Price $9.95

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  • This is a replacement tank for the Pulsar APX Wax vaporizer. It is constructed with a solid ceramic heating chamber and features a quartz triple coil atomizer.
    • Quartz
    • Triple Coil
    • Solid Ceramic Chamber

    Special Price $27.99

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  • This is the replacement dual quartz replacement atomizer for the universal 510-threaded dual quartz globe attachment available on VaporNation
    • Dual Quartz Rods
    • No Cotton Wick
    • Food-Grade Quartz

    Special Price $5.99

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  • This is a replacement Coiless Ceramic Dish Atomizer for the new Gravity wax pen from KandyPens. This atomizer features a completely ceramic deisgn with no coils, allowing for prolonged sessions and full-flavored dabs.
    • 510 Threaded
    • SloBurn™ Technology
    • Elevated Airflow System

    Special Price $19.95

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  • This is a replacement oil tank for the G Slim Hookah Vaporizer. Atomizer included.
    • 0.6ml Capacity
    • Includes Atomizer

    Special Price $9.95

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  • It's time for a new breed of wax vaporizer and that is exactly what was born with the Pulsar Barb Fire Wax Atomizer. This state-of-the-art design utilizes a dual twisted Kanthal ribbon around a quartz rod to achieve an ultra fast rate of heating. Instantaneous vapor.
    • Dual Twisted Ribbon Kanthal Wrapped Quartz Coil
    • Ceramic Coated Chamber
    • Four Levels of Adjustable Air Flow

    Special Price $44.99

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  • Do you want the best flavor from your waxy concentrates? Look no further! This Dual Quartz Globe Attachment takes purity to the next level and is compatible with most 510 threaded batteries.
    • 510 Threaded
    • Dual Quartz Atomizer
    • High Quality Pyrex Glass

    Special Price $14.99

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  • This is a replacement quartz atomizer for use with the KandyPens MINI vaporizer. A leak proof elevated air-flow system ensures the concentrates stay contained within.
    • Crystal Quartz
    • Elevated Air-Flow System
    • 510 Threaded

    Special Price $29.95

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  • From Source Vapes comes the Source Nail Attachment V2, an upgrade of the Source Nail 510 E-Rig attachment. This high grade glass enail bubbler attachment is designed for the Source Nail, but can also turn any 510-threaded box mod into a portable dab device. A new split glass bubbler features improved airflow, moisture-conditioning each rip for a smoother draw.
    • Version 2
    • Lab-certified ceramic, quartz, and titanium
    • Magnetic Carb Cap and Dabber

    Special Price $69.95

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  • The newly released Source Orb 4 Attachment has been completely retooled with 5 variable airflow settings, a 2-piece magnetic design, and includes four redesigned wax atomizers.
    • 510 Threaded
    • 5 Airflow Settings
    • New 2-Piece Design

    Special Price $49.95

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  • The Kiln from Atmos is the new cutting-edge wax heating attachment. Compatible with electronic box mods and other 510 threaded batteries, the Kiln allows you to turn your e-juice mod into a powerful portable dab rig! Constructed from pure ceramic, the Kiln utilizes an advanced wickless/coilless ceramic heating disc designed to vaporize your favorite wax concentrates evenly and efficiently.
    • 510 Threaded
    • 100% Ceramic
    • No Wicks or Coils

    Special Price $39.95

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  • This is a three pack of replacement double coil quartz atomizers for use with the Source Orb 4, Orb XL or Nail vaporizers. The extra surface area that the additional quartz rod provides allows this atomizer to produce large clouds.
    • Double Coil
    • Quartz Rod
    • Three Pack of Atomizers

    Special Price $34.95

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  • Now you can turn any electronic mod into a high-powered personal dab rig! With the new Honey Stick Ceramic Atomizer, it's now possible to enjoy wax concentrates with sub-ohm power. Free of wicks and coils, this fully ceramic wax attachment features universal 510 threading, and can be connected to any electronic mod. Compatible with sub-ohm devices, the Honey Stick Ceramic Atomizer can reach resistance levels as low as 0.8Ω. Take your dab game to the next level with this awesome wax atomizer attachment.
    • 510 Threaded
    • 19.5mm Diameter
    • Atomizer Resistance: 0.8Ω

    Special Price $29.99

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  • This is a rebuild kit for the Honey Stick Highbrid Sub-Ohm Wax Tank. Don't need the full tank at this time? With this rebuild kit you get two replacement atomizers to keep your Highbrid Tank running like a champ!
    • Dual Quartz Rods
    • Custom Ceramic Bowl
    • High Endurance Wire

    Special Price $24.99

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Find The Best Wax Atomizer

Wax vaporizers usually consist of a battery, atomizer and mouthpiece. This construct is adopted throughout the vape pen industry, allowing for a wider compatibility between brands and wax pen models. The atomizer is the element which heats your vaping material for vaporization. Wax atomizers can be made from a variety of materials and optimized for dry herb, wax and oil concentrates, even e-juice. These concentrate atomizers are wax pen optimized and thus not recommended for dry herb. Most wax atomizers are 510 threaded, making them universally compatible with standard wax pens.

Want more information about the role atomizers play in vaporization? Visit our "What is Vaping?" resource page.

Simply put, vaporization is the process of heating materials to release their essential ingredients without combusting the materials. This is achieved through the use of atomizers, or heating elements. Older vape pen models featured wicks, which absorbed wax or oily concentrates for vaporization. The process of current wax pen units is far more advanced, featuring more inert materials and faster heat up times.

Atomizers utilized in modern wax pens break down into one of two categories: Coiled, and coilless. Coiled atomizers incorporate rods, which are wrapped with titanium wire. Titanium is preferred as it is completely safe at high temperatures, posing no added risk of inhalation of fumes or any other toxic byproducts. It’s also a highly resilient material which will readily withstand many cycles of rapid heating and cooling. Coiless atomizers do not feature any exposed wires, which instead heat in a bucket or cup, which allows for lower temperatures to be used while heating for greater release of flavor.

One of the most important aspects of an atomizer is the material used in its construction. Different materials offer various benefits as well as different flavors and experiences when used in a wax atomizer. Ceramic and quartz are the main materials used in atomizer construction, however lately companies such as the innovative Source Vapes, have begun to experiment with stainless steel atomizers. These wax vape tanks offer the distinct benefit of being easier to clean than previous atomizers as well as being extremely durable.

Quartz vs Ceramic Atomizers

With the ubiquity of ceramic and quartz dominating the wax atomizer market, there is great debate between vape pen enthusiasts as to which is the superior material. The short answer is both, while each material has its benefits in certain scenarios and situations they are both very capable, high-quality options for wax atomizers.

Ceramic has been used in wax atomizers since the introduction of the modern wax atomizer with rods and titanium wire. Ceramic is less inert than quartz, meaning that it has a more porous surface, which will absorb more concentrate material. This allows for the flavor of your concentrates to more thoroughly permeate your wax atomizer, for fuller flavor. For this reason, ceramic is generally preferred by low-temp dabbers and wax pen users hoping to get the fullest flavors from their waxy oils and concentrates. This makes ceramic atomizers a perfect complement to lower-temperature setups such as single coil 510 atomizers as well as coilless atomizers.

The use of quartz in wax atomizers is a relatively new practice. Quartz is a premium material which is featured in high-quality vape pens and wax atomizers; it has a look and feel similar to that of glass. Quartz has the benefit of being much more inert than ceramic. Remember how we said that Ceramic is porous and soaks up a small amount of concentrate material into your wax tank? Quartz is the opposite, with a much less porous surface, when it reaches temperature, it will burn the wax without absorbing. For this reason, quartz rod atomizers are favored by dabbers and those looking for above-average clouds.

While quartz is capable of producing large clouds, this does mean that your concentrates will be vaporized much more quickly. This causes more of your waxy oils or concentrates to be consumed with each hit. For its cloud-producing capabilities, quartz is generally used in dual rod-type wax atomizers. This allows for greater surface area to quickly heat the concentrate material. For the most extreme hits of all, there are an emerging number of wax atomizers which feature a triple rod quartz atomizer. Triple coil quartz rod atomizers are recommended experienced dabbers due to the high output of vapor they provide.