Concentrate Containers

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Concentrate Containers

Concentrate vaping can get messy. Concentrate jars and containers are an essential tool for storing and traveling with concentrates. These jars can be kept in your pocket, bag--pretty much anywhere--for easy access when you'd like to vape concentrate. Containers for concentrates prevent spilling or giving off a revealing odor and are made of silicon.

NoGoo manufacturers 100% silicone non-stick jars that are easy to clean and ensure you use every bit of your stash without it forever sticking to the surfaces of the jar. NoGoo containers come in a variety of colors and shapes. NoGoo dishes give you an 8" by 8" non-stick surface area for preparing your concentrates. For dabbing enthusiasts, the NoGoo non-stick mat is an ample sized work area. Those who don't like to get their hands dirty can use the NoGoo Fingertips, silicone caps which fit on the tips of your fingers so you can handle concentrates. NoGoo containers are made of food-grade silicone that's safe and easy to clean off.

Jars for Concentrates

The KandyPens Pink Silicone Storage Ball is a handy way to carry with you your concentrates wherever you go. The KandyPens Ball is BPA free and heat resistant for hassle free storage of any kind of concentrate. To help you load your concentrate jars and then into your vaporizer heating chamber, the NoGoo scrape tool has silicone tips for non-stick application of your favorites concentrates.