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  • Developed by Arizer, the newly re-designed Extreme Q Vaporizer is arguably the most affordable dual-function vaporizer available today. It offers the user the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor through a balloon bag or whip attachment. It also employs a digital temperature remote control activation system which automates fan speed (with 3 settings to control density of vapor), temperature and automatic shut-off power settings. This functionality enables the popular Extreme Q Vaporizer to also serve as an aromatherapy vaporizer and oil diffuser.
    • Newest Version
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Clear View LCD Screen

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  • The Arizer V-Tower may be the most effective “Whip-Style” Vaporizer on the market today. Manufactured in Canada by Arizer, the V-Tower Vaporizer features a digital display that allows the user to precisely control the vaporizing temperature.
    • New Midnight Chrome Finish
    • More Compact Design
    • New Clear View LCD Screen

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  • The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is manufactured here in the USA by 7th Floor by using 1/5" thick anodized aluminum. The Silver Surfer utilizes a unique reverse 90 degree angle design (prevents your blend from falling out of the wand) and the force of gravity to effectively vaporize your favorite aromatic blend.
    • Note: Only available in Black
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Variety of Colors

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Whip-style vaporizers heat herbs through convection, and utilize a “whip” attachment as their means of drawing vapor. A whip is comprised of three main parts - the wand (glass piece where herb is packed), the tubing (typically medical-grade) and the mouthpiece (which is usually glass). When using a whip-style unit, the user is able to pull hot air over the herbs and create a steady stream of vapor as they inhale. Whip-style vapes are very popular, as they’re extremely easy to use and one of the most affordable types of vaporizers.

Whip It Good

Most of these vaporizers utilize a hands free connection, which allows for seamless vapor consumption without having to hold the whip attachment in place. These vapes use a ground glass wand to achieve the hands free connection, and provide a more enjoyable vaporizing experience. In addition to being hands free, ground glass wands also provide airtight seals, which increases overall vapor production and efficiency. Although all units come with their own whip attachment, they can be swapped out for others that are compatible. All whips function in pretty much the same way, but tend to vary in things like size, glass thickness, design and color.

An Oldy, But Goody

While whip-style units are sometimes viewed as an “old-school” means of vaporization, newer models boast features such as advanced temperature control, LCD displays as well as cutting-edge designs. These vapes are ideal for those looking for a simpler, less technical way to vaporize. Just set the unit to the desired temperature, pack your finely ground herbs into the wand, place the wand around the heating core and inhale! Since your herbs never come into direct contact with the heating element, no smoke or combustion is produced, meaning you’re only inhaling the purest and cleanest vapor.