Whips, Wands & Tubing

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Equip Your Whip

Since the original inception of the "Box-and-Whip"-style vaporizer, the whip design has remained largely unchained. This has allowed for a standardization of whips and their components. The interchangeability of the parts lends itself easily to customization or hassle-free replacements. Any Whip can be updated to fit the needs of the user. Unless otherwise noted, expect these parts to be universal.

Whip Components

Whips are generally comprised of three main parts which make up the vapor path. The wand is a ground glass tube which also serves as the atomizer on most vaporizer whips. This means that this is the chamber where your vaping material will be turned into vapors. A section of medical-grade tubing is used to transport the vapors, it can vary in size for greatest convenience. A glass mouthpiece finishes the whip and completes the vapor path. The high-quality glass used ensures the purest flavors when vaporizing.