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  • The White Rhino Dube Air Vaporizer is an upgrade of the original Dube vape with a quartz rod wax atomizer, clear mouthpiece, rubberized exterior, and a 280mAh battery.
    • Quartz Rod Atomizer
    • Clear Mouthpiece
    • 280mAh Battery

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  • The White Rhino Extract Air Vaporizer is a super compact vape pen with an advanced quartz dual coil atomizer and borosilicate mouthpiece that deliver smooth, flavorful vapor from waxy oils.
    • Dual Quartz Atomizer
    • Glass Mouthpiece with Filter
    • Pocket-Friendly

    Special Price $49.99

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  • The White Rhino Hylo Digital Vaporizer is an upgrade of the original Hylo vape with a new digital LED display and variable heat settings.
    • Digital LED Display
    • Convection Heating
    • Variable Temp Settings

    Special Price $99.99

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  • The White Rhino Konvik Vaporizer is a super compact herbal vape with a variable temperature battery, rapid 30 second heat up time, and a combustion-free chamber.
    • 3 Temp Settings (320F, 356F, 410F)
    • No Combustion
    • 30 Second Heating

    Special Price $59.99

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  • White Rhino Liquid Touch is the first of its kind. To turn on the vaporizer, simply put your finger over the sensor. That's it. No button, no problem. It's compatible with all types of e-juice/e-liquid and features a high-quality wick tank that vaporizes your juice efficiently.
    • Touch Sensor System - No Buttons
    • High-Quality Wick Tank
    • Easy to Use

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  • The White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer is a compact and stealthy wax concentrate vaporizer with a variable voltage battery, sub-ohm ceramic cube atomizer, and pocket-friendly 4.5 inch design. The innovative cube atomizer extracts intense flavor and smoothness with a high grade 100% ceramic heating element.
    • Variable Voltage (3.7v-4.2v)
    • Sub-Ohm Ceramic Cube Atomizer
    • Locking Mouthpiece

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  • The White Rhino Trifecta 2.0 Vaporizer is an upgrade of the original Trifecta vape, now equipped with a variable voltage battery and 3 premium atomizers. This pocket-friendly, powerful vape pen for wax and herb enables you to toggle through three preset voltages (3.7v, 4.0v, and 4.2v).
    • Variable Voltage (3.7v, 4.0v, 4.2v)
    • Herb and Wax Compatible
    • Dual Quartz Coil

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The White Rhino line of Vaporizers are very simple to operate and offer a discreet solution to portable vaporizing. The Dube Vaporizer has quickly become one of the most popular pen-style vaporizers because of it's compact design and affordable pricing. It resembles a typical e-cigarette and heats up to vaporizing temperatures within a matter of seconds. Other units like the Trifecta Vaporizer provide the user with multiple options; capable of vaporizing dry herbs, oils and even waxes. The White Rhino Liquid Vaporizer allows the user to vaporize their favorite liquids (oils and waxes) with efficiency and precision.