Wooden Grinders

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  • Manufactured from the finest Rosewood, this 2-piece wooden grinder is manufactured to the highest standards and made with ultra strong grinding pins. Unlike other cheap wooden grinders, this grinder is manufactured from Solid Rosewood to maintain the best quality and lightness and has an incredible high lacquer finish.

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Wood Grinders for Herb

Wooden grinders turn dry herb into ground dust so it can be better vaporized. Grinder tools are simple lidded containers with teeth at the base and beneath the lid. A grinder tool is loaded with nuggets or leaves. The user then fits the lid on the container and twists it to grind the dry herb.

Why Choose a Wooden Grinder Tool?

Wood grinders combine homespun styling with functionality to provide a vaping experience that’s eclectic and convenient. The sensuous nature of wood makes it pleasing to touch, while its graininess makes it ideal for gripping while grinding.