Yocan Magneto Coils

by Yocan
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  • 5 Pack
  • Multi-Layer Design
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Medical-Grade Ceramic

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The Yocan Magneto Coil for the Yocan Magneto vaporizer is a truly revolutionary atomizer with a magnetic attachment point and multi-layered design that vaporizes wax with the utmost speed and efficiency. The first layer melts wax, while the second one vaporizes it. This unique two-step vaporization process ensures wax is vaporized with no combustion for smooth, flavorful hits. The Yocan Magneto atomizer attaches to the Yocan Magneto vaporizer via magnetic connection, making it easy to remove for replacement, loading or cleaning. A magnetically attached coil cap prevents waxy oils from leaking, and features a built in dab-tool. Made of 100% medical-grade ceramic, the Yocan Magneto Coil vaporizes waxy oils inertly without adulterating the essential flavors and aromas.

  • 5 x Yocan Magneto Coil

Yocan Magneto Coils Additional Information

Dimensions: 0..75 x 4.25 x 2 in.
Weight: 0.20 lbs.

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    None to compare

    I began vaping concentrates using some very basic pens-then, I graduated to a Yocan Evolve Plus and a couple years later- I now have this Magneto. Truly the optimum in concentrate enjoyment. This coil, with it's built in dab tool, is really convenient- no need to seek a separate carrying case for dab tools- Since I tend to load the coil overmuch, the dab tool helps me regulate my product more efficiently. There is no flavor to interfere with the flavor of the concentrate, and even with frequent use, each coil is usable for at least 2 weeks. There is no need to over heat the coil , so there is little risk of "burning out the coil" Only a few seconds of drawing, and you are enjoying a nice clean vape. Treat yourself well

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