Zephyr Ion

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The Zephyr Ion is a desktop vaporizer with a forced air fan system. The forced air system ensures an even dry herb vaporization with no combustion. You know what else assures a great dry herb vaporizer experience? Proper vaporizer maintenance. A little TLC for your desktop vaporizer will keep it running long and strong. Find the parts you need for your vaporizer here, so you can stay busy vaping.

Ion Maintenance

Caring for your Zephyr Ion vaporizer is simple. The steps for caring just involve gently cleaning your ion, we recommend just rubbing it with a cloth, and keeping the heating element free of residue. The screens of the Zephyr Ion get clogged from time to time so it is recommended to clean or replace them as needed. All replacement parts for your desktop vaporizer can be easily found by brand and category to save you time.